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Anti-Aging: How to prevent wrinkles

We can not start early enough with anti-aging care. If we do not get wrongs, there are several preventive measures. We'll tell you the secret of youthful fresh skin.

With these 3 tricks, prevent wrinkles

1. Creams, creams and creams again

already From the age of 25, skin begins to grow older, Result: The first wrinkles may appear. So the so-called facial expressions – such as the legs of the crowd or lines of laughter – but not one day, turn into static wrinkles, but we can at a young age, And with the help of moisturizers.

Protects your skin from dryness and thus protects your skin Increase resistance to environmental factorsSome products are enriched with antioxidants free radicals.

This is our favorite:

Anti-Aging: How to prevent wrinkles 2

That is why our product of beauty assures:

  • contains anti-aging formula of argan oil, jojoba, vitamins A and E.
  • They fight against early aging of the skin, as well as pigmentation and aging
  • long-lasting moisturizes skin

Here you can get a retinol cream Mother Nature Cosmetics you buy around 23 euros

2. No without my UV protection

Even with sun protection, you can prevent wrinkles. Now you are wondering how Sun-protective creams prevent skin aging or can it be reduced? Well, UV filters protect yours from burns, long-lasting skin damage, and premature aging of the skin.

You can return to day cream with SPF in autumn and winter. In the spring and summer the sun is stronger, which is why you are too a good sunscreen with high UV protection should be set.

Tip: To get the sunscreen really, you need as much as possible cream every two hours.

This is our favorite:

Anti-Aging: How to prevent wrinkles 3

Therefore, UV protection assures us:

  • is waterproof, absorbs quickly
  • Pro Vitamin D for strengthening the protective and regenerative functions of your body
  • no plastic waste, liquid plastic, mineral oil, silicone, parabens etc.
  • is 100 percent vegan

Here you can get a sunblock with SPF 30 New layer you buy around 29 euros

Moisture enhancer with hyaluronic acid

Because our skin needs a lot of moisture without wrinkles as long as possible to stay, we need a new blow. We can do this in shape hyaluronic Get. It's a molecule of water that you Connect with 1000 pieces of weight can. In principle, hyaluronium acts as a species Feuchtigskeitsspeicher.

Hyaluronic acid acts on the skin Coats, support collagen and elastin fibers, and can even catch free radicalsSince 25 years, however, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin is decreasing. Fortunately, we can reuse the substance from the outside – for example in the form of a hyaluronic ampoule. Fine lines, wrinkles, leg brains and Co then have no chance.

This is our favorite:

Anti-Aging: How to prevent wrinkles 4

Therefore Hypaluron ampoules assure us:

  • contains pure hyaluronic acid
  • Tight, smooth, and fill fights inside
  • It saturates and nourishes relaxed and dry skin
  • has anti-inflammatory action and can even fight against impurities
  • prevents skin damage caused by UV radiation

Here you can get "Lifting Treatment" from Ojesh you buy around 25 euros

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