Beauty hacking: Eyelash coloring 2

Beauty hacking: Eyelash coloring

Eyelash color – step by step

A few years ago the mask would be the beauty that women would love to do. Understandably, because the showering of the eyes immediately gives a better look. Then, not so long ago, there was a trend that stopped him: a non-make-up appearance. This should be as natural as possible and only suggest that you have not invented it. Mascara? Too remarkable! It is precisely because of this that a certain beauty treatment is currently found by more and more lovers: eyelash coloring is a minimal effort for the maximum but natural effect. And especially for the summer holidays, the most practical trick of beauty!

And this is how it works:

Approved, eyebinking is not currently the most important step in the morning routine of beauty right now. However, there are times when you just want to look fresh, without maskers. Also, he likes to sweat without pandan eyes in the summer or jump into cold water. Since your hair is usually quite rare and faded to the tip, lashing is a great alternative.

  1. 1

    Before applying the eyelash, thoroughly remove eyelashes and eyelashes and release the skin's grease so that the color is well-attached to the eyelashes. Note: It does not always have to be black. If you are looking for a more gentle look, you can turn brown and shades.

  2. 2

    To protect the sensitive area of ​​the skin under your eyes, apply oily cream (but make sure it does not come into contact with the eyelids!) And two crescent-shaped pads to prevent the skin from rubbing through the eyelashes. They are usually found in the packaging.

  3. 3

    When the eye is closed, the color can now be applied to the eyelashes with the help of cotton sticks or fine lashes. A sure instinct is needed because the application should be as precise as possible. Here it helps: target dots instead of polishing – from crown to top.

  4. 4

    When used at home it is recommended to first treat one eye and then another. After all, they should always remain closed during the process. Small tip: do this girl's evening. So you can help each other.

  5. 5

    Leave the paint according to the instructions on the packaging. This may vary depending on the manufacturer and the color, so always pay careful attention to the time. Then the excess eyelash color can be carefully removed with a damp cotton pad – but keep your eyes closed so that there is no color. Rinse the last remaining paint with clear water and you're done. The result can take up to six weeks.

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Errors and un-gos about staining eyelashes

1. Hair color can be used as eyelash color

Never use regular hair color to paint eyelashes! The area around the eyes is overwhelming, and hair color is too aggressive, which can cause serious irritation. So use only the products that are appropriate for that.

2. Eyelash staining causes eyelash failure

That's a myth. Even more frequent coloring of the eyelashes will not exclude them. Some are concerned about the hydrogen peroxide contained in the products, but unlike hair dyeing, the ratio is so low that it is harmless. However, when purchasing a product make sure it is subject to EU cosmetics regulations. In the US, for example, conditions and formulations are different.

3. The mask is a taboo after lashing

This is also not true. Unlike lash eyelash extensions or collapsing eyelashes with false eyelashes where there is a risk of getting the wrong hair out during shampooing, makeup is not a problem here. Even eyelid serums are allowed.

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