Body Positivity: Curvy model Angelina Kirsch does not believe in a diet 2

Body Positivity: Curvy model Angelina Kirsch does not believe in a diet

Angelina Kirsch is one of the most sought-after plus-size models in Germany. However, he does not keep it from the shame of the body: occasionally he must listen to bad comments that he is overwhelmed.

Still, he does not believe in losing weight and is clearly in an interview with BZ: "I never tried, I did not feel that way".

"Beauty comes in all sizes"

Her eyes glitter as bright and self-confidently explains the newspaper 'Bild': I would not lose weight for the biggest career (…) or the biggest money. No, because in the end it does not make me happy. "

And you can see that she is happy in her body – for example at Lascani catwalk, where she was recently introduced as the only model in size 42/44 in the underwear.

She announces this in Instagram: "My dear, never forget: beauty comes in all sizes! The most important love is for you!"

Overcoming this does not cost her own statement to run in the underwear on the fashion track. "I love myself as myself, from head to toe," she says to "Berliner Zeitung".

To be hungry for a career, they simply would not be concerned: "I've been watching it with many friends who have been eating it with a cabbage soup or any other metabolic medicine, but they have fallen, but they have come back two or three times, and my friends were unlucky, "explains Angelina Kirsch.

Acceptance for different body types

Kirsch's approach coincides with the scientific theory of different types of body. This was done in the 1950's by a psychologist and Dr. Dr. William Sheldon has developed. He analyzed the development of the slaves in the embryos and compared them to the later body.

Already as an embryo can be seen the tendency, whether the adolescent will later have more skinny (ectomorphic), athletic (mesomorphic) or full (endomorphic) form.

It is a sum of various factors such as bone size and strength, more or less pronounced predisposition to build muscle mass and speed of metabolism.

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