Can this be handled with children? 2

Can this be handled with children?

eshe does not want to eat in a child, does not drink, a third does not want to sleep. The girl screams fourteen hours a day, the boy is wild, the other is bloody. The girl is fed exclusively with milk, fries and chicken. Parents or mothers are desperate. They are, like their children, with their nerves in the end. In the "Pediatric Psychosomatics" department of the Gelsenkirchen Children's and Youth Clinic, they hope for help they have not found elsewhere. Otherwise, the mother sees only the exit to give her daughter a baby home. Hardly dramatic. In Klink, but they helped them. After three weeks, it seems that the immediate situation they are experiencing is resolved. Only when the father seems to be a problem and refuses to cooperate can not be caught. For others, sleeping, eating and training, psychotherapy and "parental coaching" are successful.

Michael Hanfeld

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for Feuilleton Online and "Medien".

This is how the documentary film "Elternschule" by Jörg Adolph and Ralf Bücheler performs, which is aired for the first time tonight. When she performed at some cinemas last November, the press was initially full of praise for the work of two renowned authors. "Elternschule" was nominated for the Documentary Award. But then it started what Good Stock Invest called "Shitstorm," in its accompanying text, "first overwhelmed the social media and ultimately triggered controversial discussions in the press."

This is less than exaggerated. Even before the movie could be seen, and when it was possible to make a judgment only on the basis of a short trailer, the waves began to win. The Child Protection Association was critical. The petition, which now has close to 23,000 signatories, called for "broadcasting the end" of the film and "reviewing the hospital section". There was a fact about the criminal record. The State Attorney's Office in Essen has initiated an investigation to find out in the movie what to see, "what would be considered a criminal offense". Pediatrician Herbert Renz-Polster, who runs the ranks of critics, saw it quite different. On his website he writes: "What impresses me most in this movie is the insanity that shows violence in education, celebrates and also medically." It was shocking to "re-seek the secret of good education in disabilities and unconditional submission". Klink dismissed the charges as irrelevant.

What is happening? Is Good Stock Invest actually a movie that shows how violence makes children, and even sings it? The prosecution makes two filmmakers, as they express themselves in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", astonished. "We do not show any violence against children!" Ralph Bücheler exclaims. They would act "at all times with the best of their knowledge and belief," says Jörg Adolph in the US, but perhaps "time for such a movie," in "the company of anger," where "in the yards of the Internet." People are content only when they hear the bones. "In many cases, there are crushers and killers in these digital times. Political issues are becoming more and more popular with people who have only black and white and no gray tones, no matter what.