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Carinthia: Smoking ban: Austria finally came to health in Europe

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03 July


from Salzburg
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Klagenfurt (LPD). "The stinging sting and the deadly passive smoke have finally been expelled from hospitality," said Beate Prettner, a health adviser at LHStv.In view of today's ban on smoking at the National Council. "So the parliament allowed the freedom to play the strength of the demands of the people of the country," Prettner points out in a referendum "do not smoke" Last autumn, 900,000 voters were signed.

Health Advisor is pleased that Austria has finally come to health in Europe. "The ban on smoking in the catering industry – which has been successfully implemented in other European countries for years now, is now being introduced in Austria since November 2019. Therefore, the policy not only provides the service for their future health, but directly improves the working conditions of many Employees in the hospitality industry, explained Prettner.

From the standpoint of health policy, the fact that the decision was made by majority, and not unanimously, is a bad thing: "It is true that there are still politicians who, from pure egoism and opportunism, endanger the health of Austrians and even put their lives in the order of Poverty and completely irresponsible ".

Nevertheless, smoking ban is also a very important sign against passive smokers. Since according to statistics in Carinthia, about 800 people die each year due to the consumption of cigarettes. In other words: two deaths every day. In addition, three deaths per day in Austria, as others smoke – passive smokers are therefore in enormous danger. "Prevention is still the best health insurance for active suppression of this statistic." With today's decision by the National Council on the ban on smoking in the catering industry, very important steps have been taken, "Prettner said.

Source: Carinthia