Emotional magic: Lauterbach wants to ban homeopathic cash registers 2

Emotional magic: Lauterbach wants to ban homeopathic cash registers

SPD representative Karl Lauterbach will not give up. For many years, a health expert has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry and drug manufacturers. Lauterbach wants to ensure that health insurance companies are no longer allowed to bear the costs of homeopathy. Now a new incentive is dictated.

"Wrong, in the sense of reason and enlightenment"

Lauterbach uses a template from France. There, only a few days ago, the health institution agreed to a homeopathic remedy and demanded that the cost of such treatment no longer be covered by health insurance. In France, school doctors and homeopathic doctors have been fighting for years. While some claim that publicity is excluded from "esoteric medicine disciplines", others complain of "due to violations of professional ethics". According to the Doctors' Chamber, 56 percent of the French are sworn in Globula and Co. Similar numbers are also known from Germany.

"In terms of reason and enlightenment, as well as patent protection, Germany is also wrong to pay for marketing reasons for homeopathy," Lauterbach said on Tuesday via Twitter's short message service. The man had to talk to GroK about it, he explained in an interview with "Tagesspiegel". Even in Germany, health insurance companies are not obliged to pay the costs of alternative medicine. However, almost all major health insurance voluntarily pays homeopathic remedies and treatments. That's what Lauterbach wants to change. "Voluntary benefits must be economically and medically significant," SPD politician said.

The Union opposes this: "It does not lead the Crusade"

It is backed by the Joint Federal Committee (GBA), which decides on mandatory fees from legal means. "Methods of treatment without clear evidence of efficacy and benefits should not be further enhanced by the fact that health insurers pay them as legal fees," said GBA president Josef Hecken, "Tagesspiegel." There is no crisis war against doctors who are not physicians and naturopathic therapists, she said her spokeswoman Karin Maag, who believes it is wrong to limit the voluntary benefits of the insurer.

Maag's party colleague, Health Minister Jens Spahn, was re-opened in 2010 on Lauterbach's request to ban the assumption of the cost of homeopathic therapy. Numerous studies have failed to prove that homeopathic remedies work healing, he said in Berliner Zeitung.

source: "Tagesspiegel"

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