"Energy Saxony" Julian wants to stop smoking and helping his fans 2

"Energy Saxony" Julian wants to stop smoking and helping his fans

Leipzig – In every smoker's life, it is time to put off an unhealthy passion, as Julian Mengler, moderator of "Energy Saxony" did. In the Instagram story, she also wants to motivate her fans to stop browsing.

According to their own Julian Mengler

According to his own data, Julian Mengler was smoking "long and long".

On the occasion of his 33rd birthday, Leipzig immediately decided to stop smoking. The second day is announced through Instagram's story to its fans and proudly shares its first results with the smoking application: 32 cigarettes and 9.81 euros, "bang awake" – the moderator has already saved.

"I feel the exact time I would go to smoke," he thinks to his followers. But he still has no great desire to reach for the frenzy of misery. But it could be difficult for him, especially at work. "There is a lot of smoking," says the 32-year-old, "and I just do not want to be excluded."

Fear that probably knows every kind of smoky smoker. Julian just wants to stand on the smoker's terrace – but no cigarettes. He also has another valuable advice for his fans. "In my pocket I always have headphones instead of cigarettes, so if I want to take a cigarette, I'll just pick up the headphones."

Pretty smart! But what if the urge becomes too big? "If you're just trying to quit smoking, but you're on the move, then write to us, we'll do it together," he promises sympathetically the radio's face.

With little support, this difficult venture could be a little more enjoyable.