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Farmers and fired against pesticide ban – Helmut Hubacher

Agriculture must say goodbye to pesticides. But the peasant lobby and the shotgun are closed. If there is no compromise, a drinking water initiative will be adopted.

When I heard that, it was in me. I am upset by the decision at the National Council at the end of the summer session. SVP, CVP and FDP underwent the Initiative for Drinking Water and Pesticides in One Motion.

Farmers spray too much pesticides. These poisonous pesticides threaten toxic waters and groundwaters. 80 percent of potable water is extracted from groundwater. Municipal water supply companies announce an alarm. It's getting harder to have enough drinking water. These are the new sounds in Helvetic Castle in Europe. Do not stop farmers with this molding, initiators require drastic penalties. They should no longer receive direct payments from the federal government. On average, it's 50,000 francs per economy per year. This is a practice in Denmark.

Drinking water has priority

Lobar peasants are almost familiar with the Federal Palace. CVP National Advisor Markus Ritter is the president, his FDP counterpart Jacques Bourgeois, the director of the Swiss Farmers' Association. The two of them managed to include their factions in their turn. Together with SVP, there was enough for the majority in the Council.

Without pesticides, agriculture suffers from a 40% failure in breeding, Ritter said. That's the problem. Still, she must forgive her pesticides. Pure drinking water has absolute priority. Since quite a few different industries have replaced their killer injections.

Farmers on a high horse

Since initiators call for this "clown" change, SP and Green would be ready for a temporary solution. With a moderate counter-bullet. As a first step, so to speak. Ritter does not even make that concession. The state can not be prescribed for the degradation of pesticides. If so, then volunteered, announces it with a high horse. Farmers know what to do, he claims. Not at all. Otherwise we would not have any problems. There is no speculation about drinking water. We can not wait for the last person to realize what struck him.

If the chief of the farmer remains unmanaged, the red-green will vote for the initiative for potable water. And they will win. But surely.

Helmut Hubacher (93) was the President of the United States from 1975 to 1990 SP Switzerland. He writes every other Wednesday in the SIGHTSEEING.