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Five things that are uncomfortable on vacation

DGrowth is expected and preparations for the upcoming holiday are already in full swing. A new passport, a purchased sunscreen and a perfect bikini were required. It does not matter how early you start with jobs: every day, everyone is still fast moving to the city. Something always forgets. At this moment, stress begins – and does not stop so quickly.

1. Pack your suitcase

Incredibly many people deal with details with this seemingly simple thing at a glance. Professionals share their tips on traveling blogs, amateurs discover their wisdom in comments, and Youtube collects hundreds of different tutorials under the title "How to Pack My Casket". Probably the most common trick: a coat for clothes instead of folding. This saves space. It's awkward packaging, but still.

It's a real challenge not to wear clothes in the case, but do not forget it. The digital world also has the solution to this problem: numerous applications can help in packaging. If you enter the destination, sex, and number of nights, an individual packet list will be created.

In the end, only four things are important: a ticket, an identity card, a credit card and a mobile phone. Everything else can be obtained locally in an emergency. Even worse, than packing the suitcase, also unpack the suitcase after the trip. How to get motivation is not explained in any tutorial.