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Glycolic acid pilling: How to solve all skin problems

Pimples, reddish, shiny T-Zone – no more! Peeling with glycolic acid can solve all skin problems in just one step. Why you should test the beauty treatment, you will find here …

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a fruity acid, which occurs in fruit, sugar rips and sugar pancakes, It is a very mild acid that is perfect for skin care, says dermatologist Francesca Fusco in the American "Harper's Bazaar". A "glue" glue that holds the upper cells together from the top layer of the skin so The skin is peeled could be. "

Glycolic acid is therefore perfect for treating acne. In addition, Fruit Acid can help minimize scars, fine lines and hyperpigmentationThe dermatologist Jeremy Brauer explains in the journal.

How does peeling with glycolic acid work?

In principle, glycolic acid is used the upper layer of skin is lightly peeledso you can rejoice in a shiny tenu. You can have this treatment either with your dermatologist or with the right one Cosmetic products at home do it yourself.

Important in home treatment is that you are with one Poor acidity begins, Be sure to start using one-off products low content of glycolic acid zur├╝ckgreifst. Then you can slowly increase – provided your skin is not sensitive.

Glycolic acid is not only found in peeling, but you will also find them in masks, serums, creams, lotions and tonersDepending on the product you are using, the application differs. Fruit-containing masks remain on the skin for several minutes and then thoroughly rinse. Serum will after cleansing the face is massaged into the skin.

What Can Glycolic Acid Do?

Piling with glycolic acid not only exhausts the upper layer of skin, but can be even more. After treatment, be yours The skin is completely transformed. "The shrubs make a beautiful glow"says Brauer. Fine lines and large pores thanks to beauty treatment reducedAnother plus: after swallowing with glycolic acid skin better absorbs nursing products.

These are the best peeling products for your home

Glycolic acid pilling: How to solve all skin problems 2
first Kiehl's
"Micro Peeling Concentrate", here you buy around 100 euros
else The beauty of first aid "Face Gloss Pillows", buy here about 30 euros
the third Dr. Dennis Gross "Ferulic Plus Retinol Wrinkle Pads", here to buy around 89 euros
4th Caudalie "Masq scrub glycol", buy here about 16 euros
5th Juice Beauty "Green apple Peel Sensitve", buy here about 51 euros
6th NeoStrata "Smooth Surface Daily Peel", buy here about 49 euros

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