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Great art in a small area

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What about a commonly known artist Vincent van Gogh and 17-year-old Poli Porsch from Hchstdt? It's not an amputated ear. Both work with strong colors and have great artistic talent. While the Dutch master banned his work on the canvas, Paul Porsch, who is a great fan of painters, uses much smaller space: his own cap.


Pola Porsch has three tips for perfect make-up: time, precision and motivation. "If at the beginning of my lash lines were not identical, I did them again and again … From constant removal of makeup my eye was completely red and injured at some point, but I did not give up, neither with me nor in the beginning everything seemed perfect . "

author Julia Kuhbandner

HCHSTDT So that everyone could see their work, she had her own Instagram account for a year. Under the name "makeupby.pola" you can see everything you can do on the cap. According to Van Gogh, she has perpetuated other artists with her famous paintings: "Creating Adams by Michelangelo", "Girl With Pearl Earring" by Jan Vermeer and "Watermelons" by Claude Monet. Even with filigree images such as "cafeterrasse in the evening" there is no lack of detail.

"It's almost my only hobby"

A high school student does not show his work out of necessity. "I actually do it for myself, it's almost my only hobby," she says, laughing. The idea of ​​making their works publicly available comes from their friends. Responses to Instagram are consistently positive, with 270 employees from around the world so far. Small companies in the cosmetics industry have already become aware of them and asked them to test their products. "It makes me very proud." Similarly, companies link Porsch's site to their websites. Still, it is very self-critical. "You always think I could do it even better." Their great goal is to enter the glowcon beauty fair, where everyone meets, who has a rank and name. And it offers an introduction to big companies.

"I stole the mask in the sixth grade," she says about the beginning of her "makeup career". At that time she had a pretty bad skin, and that was pretty bad self confidence. With Youtube videos, she learned everything about make-up. "You feel different than makeup, more self-confidence." Her great role is American make-up artist Jeffree Star. It has different shade palettes. "They're a bit expensive, but there are so many different colors you can experiment with," she says. But makeup does not necessarily have to be expensive. For example, your favorite eyeliner is a drug product. "However, more expensive shades have pressed pigments that get better and intensely radiate." Some products also clean the money. "No one needs a base of shades, the corrector works just as well."

Her mother was

Above the bed is the portrait of Fride Kahlo and "Star Night" van Gogha. The latter also painted them. "Art has always fascinated me," says the 17-year-old. Her mother was a porcelain painter and had already promoted her daughter's talent early. "At one point I wondered why this was not on the cap?" Says Paul Porsch of the first idea.

Two to three hours will take such a work of art. It is produced in several layers with a corrector and a color. In this way, Pola Porsch likes to exploit artistic freedom and to modify things, such as the backdrop of van Gogh's self-portrait. Then the contours are added. So nothing goes wrong, it's powder. After that, it shades and enhances the color.

If her arsenal of the toothbrush is not the right thing for her, she herself sheds the "tool". The eye shadow is just a part of small pictures. "For fine lines and details I use eye pencil or makeup for children, which can be applied very precisely." If the existing colors do not match their template, they are mixed. Because digitally arranged is nothing in their photographs. Her next purchase: a collection of liquid rose in her dye colors Jeffree Star, which is also suitable as a make-up for the eyes.

But anyone who thinks high school student wants to become a makeup artist is wrong. The elementary school teacher is her career. One of her subjects: art. "Really, to live as a makeup artist, you have to go to great study in Grostdten, where it's hard to get in, and that's too far and too expensive for me."

He sees a certain responsibility as "Instagramerin". "You can say your mind, but it always has to be done properly." You should consider current issues such as environmental protection, especially if you have large long-term profiles. For Porsche it is important to support non-animal brands.

And how does your daily look look like? Subtle eyeliner, mascara, light makeup. Exit will be colorful and elaborate. This looks like Instagram. Her clothes are usually subtle, often kept only in black and white: "Then makeup looks better." And what do you like the most? Porsch laughs: "unfinished".