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Horoscope: This is the most beautiful summer hairstyle for your horoscope sign

Already in vacation mode? No wonder the weather is really nice on the beach and the sea. And the summer dresser is already marvelous! But with a hot season, our hair gets a little update – just keep the cool head.

If you still miss a few hairstyles – Inspo, you will find it in a horoscope. Because the stars discover which hairstyle best suits your horoscope sign.

According to the horoscope: This summer hairstyle is the best for your horoscope sign

Aries: Boxers everywhere

A strong woman needs a strong hairstyle! What is more appropriate than a lot of small boxers? They not only radiate energy but look really cool. PLUS: no boring hair on your face. And with your brave discomfort, you will certainly not have the trouble to zap up with a tricky hairstyle.

Boxers do not solve themselves:

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Taurus: Gilet

Experimentation is not one of the typical bull characteristics. So you do not have to try out the latest, crazy fashion hairstyle in the summer, but keep up-to-date classics like braids. They always go everywhere and glitter beautiful waves after a day spent on the beach.

These cravats are virtually invisible:

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Gemini: Half rolled biscuits

As a twin, you're always on the go and you do not have time to form elaborate knit or woven hairstyles. Still, it should be cool and innovative – she waved: half the bandaged biscuits. Super simple, super nice and has plenty of creativity thanks to Bandani.

The most beautiful bandana:

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Cancer: Bubble Ponytail

Typical cancer dilemma: You are imaginative, but at the same time you like to play safely. So you do not dare to open very haircuts, but that should not be boring, please. Bubble Ponytail is a creative variation of the classic tail and made for you in the summer!

The pony tail also has:

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Leo: Roar like Rosa

Is your braid boring? Will you say it good? Well, then try a new hair color – not classic blue or brown. No, Rosa! As a lion, you love to enter the room and all eyes are on you, and in the summer you can also be colorful.

You get the gorgeous pink color with these colors:

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Jungfrau: A tall star with a cranberry

There is nothing more boring than long hair that gets wet for a wet, sweaty neck. Especially for a painful virgin! Even if you love your long haul, you do not want to cope with flying sailing in the summer. Better put all your hair into a tall cake and with a nice snack you can still make some variations in your hairstyle.

Best Snacks:

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Scales: shells

Trendy jewelry this summer: shell accessories. Even if you are not on holiday, you will experience the beach feeling. And with cool trends, of course, the scale is always at the beginning! In other words, buckles and straps carry summer in hair. It is also beautiful and practical – it keeps hair in style.

The most beautiful hair shells:

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Scorpio: Untwisted braid

As a mysterious scorpion, you do not want people to see you – or just see how much you've invested in your clothing or hairstyle. Instead, you'd rather work in a tiny little room on a beautiful, unguarded purse and pretend to have fastened your hairstyle shortly after the mirror's upturn.

So the hair does not look too tidy:

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Shooter: Long Bob with a resume

Do not be afraid to experiment – even in terms of hairstyle. On the contrary, as a curious shooter you quickly get bored and you are looking for something new. Why not try one of the finest summer hairstyles – Long Bob with a straw hat? This is at least made for hot summer days!

So praise does not look straight:

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Capricorn: Beach Waves

Traditions are stupid By the way, you will find and show how cool the classics can be – with Beach Waves. After all, they are a hairdressing salon for many years, and yet we are not happy. In addition, they fit almost every hair length and are still available to everyone! Instead of smiling at Jar for its ground-level character, other zodiac signs can easily cut off a part of yours.

It works with beach waves:

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Aquarius: Accessorize!

The aqueduct always has to be different, and gradually we all face it. For your summer hairstyle, this means fun with your hair! Whether it's ringing in a braid or a ribbon – no taboos, because you do not. Do you still have tanned, the exotic island feel is perfect!

The most prominent hair accessories:

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Fish: Hair band

Oh, how nice! It is a little better suited to your thousands of playful little dresses than a nice hair band that bits open hair without hides it. So feminine and – above all – so romantic! Therefore: Perfect for fish. And with regard to the design of hair, you can give freedom to your expressed imagination …

The most beautiful hair bands:

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