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I had to give up my old self when I became a mother – but I do not miss it at all

A pretty young mother is playing with a girl who just crossed the square and was smiling happily.

When I was pregnant, I was forgiven of a hot cheese and my favorite jeans. It was trying, I love cheese and maybe even call my favorite jeans, so much I loved them. However, there was a change, so I left the first thing and turned around with them. At one point, I thought, I would go back to the things that made me do it. Unfortunately, we know what's going on with the best plans: After I was born a nice son, my jeans were moved to the back of the cabinet, and the stomach could not withstand any cheese.

Teaching yoga, good books, and long showers were some other things that fell aside when I became a mom. As a mother of a newborn, I tried to keep my yoga practice, but I just wanted to sleep. I tried to finish the book, but in the end I took so much time. In the short time I had for myself, I had to sleep or make sure I drank more than a few cheese crackers.

Between dreams and unclearly I remember my life before my baby. Then it happened: In conversation with my sister I could not find any topic that had nothing to do with the child. I had nothing to say about myself. While advising me to start my life from outside, I felt like I finally found her.

Since turning my days with my baby into months and months turned into years, it was difficult to remember how my mother felt. How is she? What did she do for the party? I was so in Mother's Day, and the beauty and hustle that went with her meant that this was new to me all the time. I found it almost impossible to get all the parts I had before my son. Even more strange, it did not bother me.

When I realized I lost her, I tried to get her back. I thought I would try to try to do so far from her. I participated in the class of yoga I once loved. I bought nice cheeses. I've been trying to sleep for a long time. While sleep was not so bad, I quickly realized that I could accept moving to the next stage of my life. I enjoy most Downward Dogs and luxurious showers, but I spend time with my family. This is the ego I found, and it turned out I did not want to lose it.

This is an impossible idea, but I have a good idea to surrender. I'm not a lost woman. I'm a woman found. I still look here and there in old age and greet these little memories as an old friend. Especially if she brings slices of cheese, which I can finally eat. But babies make the changes and the greatest experience I have is mine. As a mother, I'm throwing many things, but I did not know I'd let go. ,, and the striker is not bothering me.