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IRW-News: The Yield Growth Corp.: Growth of yields announces that its first product of hemp …

IRW-PRESS: The Yield Growth Corp.: Growth rate announces that the first hemp product has passed EU compliance testing and can now be sold on the European market

July 2, 2019 – Vancouver, B.C. – The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTC: BOSQF) (Frankfurt: YG3) is pleased to announce its anti-aging serum Urban Juve on the European market. Biorius, responsible in Europe, has issued a certificate of conformity.

According to EU law, yield has made Biorius responsible for Urban Juve. Urban Juve is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yield Growth, which specializes in formulating luxury hemp care products. For the sale of products in the European Union, the responsible person must first issue a certificate of conformity for each individual product. After testing the compatibility of each anti-aging serum, including developed Urban Hemp fertilizer, Biorius has issued a certificate of conformity to confirm that Urban Juve anti-aging serum is now on the European market. could be.

This certificate of compliance is key to the final step required for distribution on the European market, says Penny Green, CEO of Growth Management. We are very excited to be able to offer our high quality cosmetics, which contains all the strength of the hemp plant, the new clientele in the European Union.

As previously announced, Yield Growth signed a letter of intent with Melorganics Hellas. This company will be an exclusive retailer and non-exclusive online retailer of Urban Juve brand products in Greece and Cyprus. Since cannabis is now available to the general public in the European Union through the proposed legislation, high-quality cannabis products become increasingly popular. With a total population of 508 million, the EU has enormous market potential for Urban Juve products. Juventus currently wants to receive EU certification certificates for all 11 products currently available on the market. It is expected that Juve's brand sales in Europe will start in the fall.

O yield of growth Corp.

Yield Growth Corp. specializing in the development, production and distribution of luxurious hemp and hemp products from Urban Juve and Wright & Well. The manufacturing portfolio of the company includes more than 200 wellness and beauty products. , The company intends to revolutionize the global wellness market, which, according to the Global Wellness Institute, represents $ 4.2 billion of global economy combining ancient methods of treatment with modern knowledge and technology. Yield Growth's management team has many years of experience with global brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, M · A · C Cosmetics, Skechers, Best Buy, Aritzia, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Corporation. The Yield Growth Target Group are the mainstream luxury consumers who want exceptional spa products. Its most important consumer brand, Urban Juve, owns proprietary and patented extraction technology and formulations for extracting hemp oil. The yield increase builds sophisticated international distribution channels and has more revenue streams, including licenses, services, and sales of products.

For more information visit or Instagram at @yieldgrowth Visit our shop at and check out the #findyourjuve on social media.

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