Is Extreme Aggressive Bacteria attacking dogs? 2

Is Extreme Aggressive Bacteria attacking dogs?

Just sniffing should take bacteria. It was only 36 hours later full-bodied: the affected animals refuse food and get heavy diarrhea. Any liquid that a dog takes is excreted somewhat later than pure blood. Is this bacteria horror really there?

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Is Extreme Aggressive Bacteria attacking dogs? 3

The text is repeatedly shared on social media platforms and strongly resembles the Remscheid case.



Attention to all dog owners
At this time very aggressive (possibly) bacteria infected dogs!
It starts by refusing food, only 36 hours later the animals get diarrhea.
During that time the bacteria are already working on the hollow arches of the dog.
Later vomiting.
Dogs lose weight.
What a dog consumes in terms of fluid comes from the bowel in the short term after the clean blood.
The bacterium was picked up by the muzzle.
Some dogs have become ill, could have been saved, died or are still struggling for their lives, such as our Minimausi Beckov 1.2 kg ….
Everyone had the same condition!
Please take care of your pets and go to the veterinarian at first sign! Here is the elimination of Beck! He is now out of danger

Is this really aggressive bacteria?

Veterinary Anke Meeuw writes in co-operation with a colleague Remscheid's doctor:

Checking the facts

If someone searches for comments, we find matching statements from some dog owners whose dog has suffered the same fate. One user mentions the Rur / Essen area. Geographic position corresponds to cases in Remscheid.

Because in Remscheid and its surroundings, but also in me (Anke) in Berlin, there are many dogs who are currently suffering from bloody diarrhea and vomiting. People would call it gastrointestinal grip.

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Especially in such weather conditions, it often happens that in ponds after heavy rains can be multiplied, which dogs then absorb. Drifting from agriculture can also cause bacteria in rainwater, and then cause these symptoms. This is not uncommon in these weather conditions.

In the case of Remscheid, an older animal (16 years) has died of these diarrhea. But there is no reason to panic at all, and nothing is happening around that is new or very dangerous.

Usually several days of diet and medication against nausea and diarrhea completely. In severe cases, you can also apply fluid through the infusion so that the dog does not dry.

In this case, the sample was sent to the laboratory to study which bacterium or virus was responsible for this gastrointestinal flu.

Such increased diarrhea is quite normal in present-day times and is usually totally harmless.

In very sick or old dogs, the course may also be deadly, but this is more due to illness or age. The body can no longer defend itself from these diseases.

What can you do quickly at home?

Very important, the dog with acute diarrhea should always drink and eat and have to. You can cook chickens with rice, as a light diet, or even a Morosche soup (a carrot soup).

It is important that the child should not be given more than three days.

Very mellow tea can also calm the gastrointestinal tract, with little sugar and salt to balance electrolytes.

Some dogs prefer meat soup with rice, which is also good.

Please do not starve!

And contact your vet quickly if diarrhea is very bad and bloody or comes with vomiting.

With respect to your colleague!

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