Money laundering: Capsules for mental abilities are disappointing - only preparation is really useful 2

Money laundering: Capsules for mental abilities are disappointing – only preparation is really useful

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Magnesium, folic acid, calcium: Nutritional supplements are literally on everybody. They even advertise mental health supplements – but most are useless.

Who wants to keep the brain has some options: crossword puzzles, sudoku and newspaper reading, for example, require gray cells and need to be the perfect brain training. Even those who learn a new language or instrument promote their head and memory. But you have to invest a little time and leisure. Those who are afraid of the ideas of dietary supplements against forgetfulness and for more mental capacity on fertile soil. But what are the good capsules and drops that are so aggressively advertised on television and in magazines?

Billions of Nutrition Supplements: Most of the products are useless

Believing advertising messages, some products not only can prevent mental decline, but even reduce forgetfulness. The Global Brain Health Council (GCBH) has now reviewed various products designed to promote brain activity – with devastating results! For example, researchers at GCBH have concluded that brain replacement is not a way to improve or maintain brain function for most people, says portal.

Speaking is a real waste of money: the products are mostly not worth the plastic in which they are fulfilled. With one exception: Vitamin B12If a doctor is diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency by blood test – which, according to a medical journal, is commonly used in elderly people, vegetarians and pregnant women – vitamin B12 supplements can stimulate brain health.

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May your brain respond: use this method better

However, those who are healthy should stick their fingers apart from nutritional supplements designed to improve cognitive function. People with existing conditions should be very careful with these products and take them only in agreement with their doctor, such as patients who take heart medicines, steroids, or blood thinners. Here are possible interactions and can have fatal consequencesIncreased vitamin K intake, for example, reduces the effect of Coumadin Blood Thinner and can thus promote the development of thrombosis.

"Nutritional supplements seem to be a huge waste of money," says Sarah Lenz Lock, Executive Director of GCBH, summing up the results of the research. Money should be better invested in a healthy diet that has been proven to promote brain healthFor example, American scientists have developed the so-called MIND diet, which promotes gray cells and prevents dementia.

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Famous people who have lost their memory

Money laundering: Capsules for mental abilities are disappointing - only preparation is really useful 3
Nightmare Alzheimer: Former FC Bayern football player Gerd Müller suffers from Alzheimer's disease. A few weeks before his 70th birthday on November 3rd, the German soccer champions and the 1974 World Champion family wanted to understand that there would be no public appearances on the occasion of the anniversary. © DPA
Karheinz Böhm
The great actor Karheinz Böhm died on May 29, 2014 at the age of 86. Only in February 2013 Böhm's Alzheimer's disease became known. His son Michael no longer wanted to keep silent about his dad's health. Karlheinz Böhm became a star on Romy Schneider's side in Sissi. Böhm has been working for the hungry in Saheli since 1981 (archive photograph of 2.05.2011). © DPA
Former actor Karlheinz Böhm, who has been conducting Ethiopia "Men for Men" for almost 28 years, and his wife Almazs, visit the project of afforestation of the "Sheikh Abdi Erosion Trench" in Ethiopia (photo taken in 2006).
Former actor Karlheinz Böhm has led Ethiopia "People for the People" since 1981. Photo from 2006 shows how Böhm and his wife Almazs visit the project of afforestation of the "Sheikh Abdi Erosion Trench" in Ethiopia. © DPA
Rudi Assauer
Rudi Assauer and the horrible diagnosis Alzheimer shook the whole of Germany. Its honesty is affected. © DPA
Schalke's manager Rudi Assauer
At the television show in early 2012, football manager Rudi Assauer first speaks openly about his sufferings. And a celebrity is not alone with its difficult destiny. © DPA
Ronald Reagan
Former US President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) Has not recognized one of his wife Nancy once after more than 40 years of marriage. © DPA
Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's
"Now I begin a journey that leads to sunset in my life …" – In 1994, the former president admitted in writing as an Alzheimer's patient. For the first time, this has created a public awareness of the disease. © DPA
Gunter Sachs suicide
In Europe, he became known as a photographer, art collector and playboy: Gunter Sachs, but because of the fear of Alzheimer's disease committed at the age of 78 suicide (May 7, 2011). © DPA
Margret Thatcher
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is considered unforgiving and has earned her nickname "Iron Lady". © DPA
Peter Falk
American actor Peter Falk as Inspector "Columbo" in his typical suit, coat and cigar in his hand, should have been looking full-time at the end. He is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease by the summer of 2011. © DPA
Annie Girardot
French actress Annie Girardot died at the age of 79 (February 28, 2011) of Alzheimer's Disease. © DPA
Charlton Heston
Alzheimer's patrol Charlton Heston died at age 84. The American actor became famous for the movie epic "The Ten Commandments" by Moses. For his Judo in "Ben Hur" in 1959 he was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor. © DPA
Bubi Scholz
Bubi Scholz returned again and again to life despite several moves. The former boxing legend also suffered from Alzheimer's disease and died at age 70 in Berlin (21 August 2000). © DPA
Star star Glen Campbell, despite the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, wanted the last time to go on tour in the fall of 2011 and forgive his fans with several live performances. © DPA
Actress Fred Delmare was one of the most famous actors from DDR. The last Delmar was in the Good Stock Invest series "In All Friendships" as Grandfather Friedrich in front of the camera. In 2005 he withdrew from professional life due to Alzheimer's disease, where Mime died in 2009. © DPA
Helmut Zacharias
Violin Virtue for Helmut Zacharias has composed 400 pieces, edited 1,400 titles and sold 13 million records. He has recently disappeared from the public eye. The musician suffered from Alzheimer's disease and lived until his death at the age of 82 (February 28, 2002) in a sanatorium near the residence of Ascona in Switzerland. © DPA
Roberto Blanco
Roberto Blanco and Sodoma together entertain at one place the German Alzheimer's Society e.V. A humorous singer turns attention to the disease. © obs
Bistable brain researcher Alois Alzheimer
Bistable brain researcher Alois Alzheimer: When a psychiatrist for the first time in Tübingen held the lecture "On a weird serious cerebral corteau" on November 3, 1906, his colleagues evaluated his discovery as curiosity. 100 years later, Alzheimer's name is one of the most famous in the world, from the brain disease named after him, to be hit only in Germany 700,000 to a million people. © DPA