No odds: former boxing champion Anthony Joshua is not Mike Tyson 2

No odds: former boxing champion Anthony Joshua is not Mike Tyson

Munich – Somewhat surprisingly, Anthony Joshua (23-1-0) has admitted that he has to work on his technique if he wants to win over Andy Ruiz (32-1-0) later this year. Almost to sound like the former IBF, IBO, WBO and WBA heavyweight champion has lost confidence in their boxing style.

Ruiz Jr. it is eager to hear that this means that the ruling champion has discovered gaps in the Joshua system, which was previously good for 23 consecutive victories. And among the opponents who lost at the time, after all, were so famous top ten fighters such as Wladimir Klitschko, Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin and Dominic Breazeale.

Ex-Champ thinks

It is hard to believe that Joshua had four titles just a month ago, and all boxing experts considered the number one in the world. And now the former champion and Olympic champion can wear it so much.

Almost as if he had already lost his revenge against Ruiz Jr. For Mike Tyson this would not have happened in the 1980s and 1990s. Former World Champion still remembers the words of his former coach:

"My job was to destroy"

"Cus Amato told me there was a giant monster of Tyrannosaurus Rex who had so depressed my self-esteem that I thought I was megaloman, and Cus gave me two to three times a day before the fight. My job was simply destroyed.

Additionally, the legend of coach Amato, who once trained Muhammad Ali and also trained Floyd Patterson along with Tyson, taught his people the unique movements of their heads and bodies.

With megalomania to success

Perhaps that is exactly what makes the difference between D & G Amato's eighties and Joshua's management in 2019. And maybe Joshua's team put it on the wrong topics – like a lot of PR, earns a lot of money and just looks good.

Will Joshua at the end of the year have a chance against Ruiz's younger, he should listen to the following: A bad man on this planet, with a megalomaniac dose, grows in the ring and dominates his opponent like Mike Tyson.

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