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Sarah Wiener: The Austrian ban on glyphosate is a milestone

Green: Agriculture is a future without poison

Strasbourg / Vienna (OTS) "I am delighted that the Austrian National Council today decided that glyphosate pesticides should no longer be allowed in Austria," said Sarah Wiener, representative of Green. "Healthy nutrition begins in a healthy area, and the removal of potentially harmful pesticides is the first step for the environment and health. Austria is therefore a pioneer throughout the EU."

The ban on glyphosate still needs to be confirmed by the European Commission after the decision in the Austrian National Council. Wiener assumes this will happen.

"Following the 2017 decision, the Commission reaffirmed that Member States could adopt the national prohibitions we have in black and white technology. If there are any problems there, we MPs in the European Parliament will do everything in our power to ensure that the Commission fulfills its promise, "Wiener said.

To support farmers who will be affected by the ban on glyphosate, to switch to alternative methods, Wiener Begleitma├čnahmen calls: "Farmers may not be left in the rain when they change. We need to provide technical and financial support – and that can and should be included in the common agricultural politics. "

Wiener also emphasizes that today's success would not have been achieved without the commitment of non-governmental organizations and civil society over the years.

"I thank all those who, with their knowledge and dedication, have contributed to the abolition of one of the most widely spread pesticides in the Austrian fields. The next step must be that we can achieve this in other EU member states and finally expel glyphosate from the EU in 2022 and as a result , another pesticide questioned. I will work on it as a member of the European Parliament in the coming years, "Wiener said.

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