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Sometimes eating ice cream is better than picking

DAgmar Kuchenbecker's office biotop not only creates a comfortable climate, but also provides a good metaphor for entering the conversation. Many who come into the narrow room, on the back that has powerful pottery plants, look for something like an ecological niche – "a professional biotop," as it is called Kuchenbecker. And some shy philosophical candidate might wish that he was such a lively, noisy bird as the Yellow-breasted Aaca, to whom Kuchenbecker devoted a photo gallery to the wall. Being original, getting out of the crowd: it can be a recipe for success in your career.

Sasha Zoske

Another group of clients with which the consultant will deal with will think of the jungle because they have lost sight of the Kuchenbecker's Tropicarium. The educational maze with the monster named "Examen" lurks in her dark heart. These students want the sociologist to show their way out of this jungle. Or give them a machete to crash the monster's head.

Facing the fears of the exam

A picture of a scout girl should satisfy Kuchenbecker better than a kite killer. Anyone who hopes for the fast, heroic solutions to their problems is wrong in Room 1.G014 Student Counseling at the Goethe University Westend Campus. As an exam and career coach, Kuchenbecker avoids apodictic announcements. A student of German studies who is in suspicion of self-doubt will never hear the phrase "Do the craft in the carpentry!" , She can not make decisions.

Kuchenbecker, a 61-year-old, short, gray hair, a woman who likes to laugh. Even if there's more tears in her office. On the table there is no box for the wipes, but a box with colorful panties. Kuchenbecker likes to write down things, give arguments, outline the way of making decisions. First of all, she listens. The main job must be done by the students themselves.