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Son of Boy Gaz Beadle, Chester, hurried up during the discovery of fun …

GEORDIE Shores Gaz Beadle's son Chester was hospitalized during the presentation of his pregnant girlfriend, Emma McVey.

Parents have taken steps to bring Chester to the hospital after they have felt bad and take antibiotics for the infection.

Emma posted on Instagram: "For all the idiots that try to provoke grief.

– I brought Chester to doctors Monday, but did you listen? No, I'm just an ignorant mother. "She has a mild ear infection, but she does not need antibiotics."

"Yesterday I knew she was not right, she had an ear infection and bladder infection, so we finally got antibiotics.

"Yesterday ran and everyone thought it was okay, I'm not stupid and I know my baby."

"He was distracted and he seemed to be fine." Well, no, I did not persuade him to stay at the party. I left my party in front of everyone else to look at it properly. "

Prior to the hospital drama, Gaz and Emma stood at a party with balloons and cake decorated with the word "boy or girl" when their son Chester waited for them to find out their good news.

The 31-year-old Gaz held a gold pipe in his hand and a couple was enthusiasticly crying as he dropped a pink confetti to point to a little girl.

Friends and family roared in the background while the 27-year-old Emma raised her hands to hug her.

The couple shared their announcement on Instagram and wrote the title of the video: "WOW, that's a total shock, but a small family is totally excited."

"Even so happy that @ emma_jane1392 is so special that we have Chestera with us … the life journey continues … Now all I need is names."

Gary told fans that he would become a father for the second time by scanning a child on Father's Day.

The star also shared Chester in the groom's groom saying, "I'll be a big brother."

His partner Emma McVey added, "We can finally share our incredible news. Baby number 2 on the way ❤️👶🏼."

Look at this post on Instagram

BABY NO 2 😮😮😮 MUST BE MAD …. joke wow so nice finally let everyone know that baby # 2 will be with us later this year and i'm soooooooo excited Chester changed my life and giving her brother or sister is just incredible, I was so nervous with Chester, but now it's just a thrill … @ emma_jane1392 💙❤️

The post was split by gazgshore (@gazgshore) on June 16, 2019 at 11:36 pm PDT

She added, "I'm very happy that Chester has a brother or sister and makes our house a little crazy!"

Gaz had left Geordie Shore in 2017 after her friend Emma announced she had the first baby.

One source for The Sun Online said, "He seriously understands paternity, is father everything he ever wanted and wants to spend all the time with Emma and her child."

However, Gary and some of the band's most famous former members return to a new show that fans inform about life after Geordie Shore.

Gaz, Marnie Simpson, Sophie Kasaei and Aaron Chalmers signed up for the show.

Insider revealed that "MTV chiefs wanted fans of Geordie Shore to provide the latest information about their favorite stars, so they made a spin-off."

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GEORDIE Shores Gaz Beadle's son Chester was hospitalized during the presentation of his pregnant girlfriend, Emma McVey.