Storm of Love: Review of July 4 and Next Days 2

Storm of Love: Review of July 4 and Next Days

Overview "Storm of Love": What exactly is it Thursday July 4 and in the upcoming Days are included Fürstenhof Of course, here you will learn!

Storm of Love: Overview for Thursday, July 4th

Robert agrees with paired therapy, but the thing is a key catch: Eve has to agree with divorce if the therapy fails.

Ragnar takes Tina's white face to believe in his loyalty. Together he celebrates his success. But not without sadness, because Ragnar must return to Island soon. Because of her longing, Tina makes a spontaneous decision.

Joshua is frustrated because Denise continues to stand behind Henry. In a random encounter, both do not know how to deal with each other and avoid overwhelming situations.

The clock with the cow causes problems. Paul and Joshua can not sleep because of which Paul accidentally damaged the clock. Bela turned out to be a rescuer in need and repaired the clock. It is a real amazing find …

Weekly Review for "Storm of Love"

Storm of Love: Preview for Friday, July 5th

Tina and Ragnar float in the seventh heaven. It seems to be a positive thing for a couple, but then Tina is listening to a conversation between Werner and Andrew. Was Ragnar cheating on Solveig?

Natasha cheers: She gets a role she needs to get a lot of pounds. When she got the screenplay, she got rid of it: the film was rebuilt in an indifferent comedy. Will Natasa continue to accept that role?

Romy reports Paul von Belas finds. A little later, Jessica learns about it and calls her legacy.

Hildegard wants to fulfill Alfonsa's old dream: a hike with a rented old car. However, since the rent is very expensive, Hildegard decides on another vehicle. Will Alfons be happy about it?

Storm of Love: Review for Monday, July 8th

Ragnar was gone and Tina was convinced she had cheated her. When Ragnar does not go home overnight, Tina gets in an uncomfortable feeling and goes looking for her. Will he find him in time?

The first session of Eva and Robert's paired therapy is under way. Denise reveals Christopha with a therapist. A little later, when he sees a couple after the first session is over, she has a bad suspicion.

Paul refuses to return his heritage to Jessica because he wants to invest in Lun. Jessica agrees first, but then he sees Paul with new road bikes. There was scratching so they were both losers at the end.

After their latest adventures, Alfons and Hildegard realize that their wish list is slowly growing over their heads. They decide that they are happy and happy to make another person happy …

Storm of Love: Overview for Tuesday, July 9th

Denise follows his suspicions of Christophe. Rejoicing, he realizes that he had really intrigued Eve and Robert. Sudden, he faces it with his knowledge. Under pressure Christoph provokes emotional attraction to his daughter, but Denise offers him a forehead.

Jessica and Paul are in the wrap. That is why Romy Paul speaks with conscience. This seems understandable and leaves Jessica Luna for the first time for several hours. Can Jessica Paul prove her a good mother?

Tina and Ragnar are delighted to deal with. Ragnar plans a double wedding with Henry in his euphoria. But women do not know anything about their happiness.

André announces he wants to prepare a wedding menu for Henry and Denise. It is secretly assumed that "Fürstenhof" sponsors the ingredients. Hildegard, however, prevents him …

Storm of Love: An Overview for Wednesday, July 10th

Denise asks Christopher to stay away from Eve forever. Christoph then instructs Henry to re-vote for Denise. When she finds out, Denise is out of her mind.

Paul can not believe that Jessica had a client while he was worried about Luni. In dispute, he describes Romy as a better mother for Luna. Deeply hurt, Jessica Romy is fighting hard. Tina is not thrilled with the idea of ​​a double wedding. He would love to marry in Bichlheim, but Ragnar must return to Island soon. Ragnar wants to fulfill his wish and is committed to it.

After Natascha refused this role, he was thrown out of the new agency. She leaves her frustration to Valentine and Fabien, who soon complains about Natasa. She apologizes in her own way, which she forgets for a moment …