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The Gaildorfer Clinic Discussion Center for People Talk about Dementia

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Chief Physician At the end of July, Norbert Andrejew informed Gaildorf about the effects of dementia and delirium.

In the next interview, Gaildorfer Clinic Norbert Andreyev at the Center for Human Dementia and Delir. Andreyev is the chief physician of the Geriatrics at Crailsheim Hospital. Experienced geriatricians emphasize: It is important to have early cognitive performance abnormalities, such as the limitations of memory, thinking and ability to learn to clarify at an early stage. Depending on the cause, with proper care and treatment, one can stop the progression of the disease, prevent complications, and possibly cure the disease.

They react early to symptoms

In about 75 percent of patients with dementia, the cause is either Alzheimer's disease or vascular disorder. It is not possible to expect both shots during the day, but it is important to initiate appropriate therapy. While certain risk factors are reduced in vascular disorders and the accompanying disease is being treated, Alzheimer's disease can only be affected by the drug.

Health insurance is struggling to finance a pain reliever patient.

Important for abnormalities such as limitations of thought and memory is the delimitation of dementia. While dementia tends to be gradual and the symptoms last for more than half a year, delirium usually occurs abruptly after a certain event, such as an operation, and lasts for up to half a year. The delineation of two clinical images could be difficult. In addition to memory, orientation and thinking disorders, affected patients with delirium are often restless, nervous, and sometimes aggressive. In these patients, a particularly sensitive, patient and careful treatment must be maintained. Dementia can often be compensated by patients and relatives over a long period of time. Dr. Andreyev believes it is important to educate your family about the course and stages of the disease and propose support options. The lecture will take place in the Klinikum Crailsheim canton. Participation is free. Registration is not required. The lecture will be repeated on 31 July at Centrum Mensch in Gaildorf.

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