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The last diet in your life

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Cover Book

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The last diet in your life
Create your body of dreams

Jüchen, 01.07.2019

• New edition: Weight loss book, no JoJo effect
• A new diet developed by nutritionist Ellen Gande
• Contains recipes from the TV chef (WDR) Detlev Gande

• The first edition was fully released

By the end of July 2019, a new guide will be published for easy and healthy weight loss. Many bad food is cleaned here. Written in simple language.
Ellen Gande is a diet expert for healthy and healthy weight loss.
Even with his diet 40 kilograms.
Much protein, low fat, and even less carbohydrates.
Sports to, but for every measure right.

Life story
Ellen Gande
It is a delicious gastronomy. The culinary skills of her grandmother, who was a cook, inspired her at a young age. After completing her professional education, she was trained for a hotel manager and discovered her love for fun and events. Organized solemn events for up to 2000 people.
In 1993 she met Detlev Gande, in the summer of 1994 she was married and in the fall of 25, she opened her first restaurant together with Detlev Gande.
Ellen Gande has been a creative mind in this venture over the years. He is responsible for the exceptional experience of guests, from organization to execution. Her fascination with food has always been emphasized.
From the early age she was dealing with the effects of medicinal herbs and spices and created worlds of experiences of pleasure, and she always left the restaurant in the oasis of brightness, ease of being.
By building an online store, its area of ​​responsibility has become a new customer / customer shopping experience. Outstanding auctions, where he sold his husband on the Internet (for cooking) to the first virtual worlds.
It has become an interface between bits and bytes and buying experiences. Their training is further deepened as SEO / SEA manager, project manager and added a bachelor's degree from business administration.
But somehow he did not give up on gastronomy and love of food, so today he is on his way as a voluntary IHK examiner for the gastronomy department.
In 2019 Ellen Gande will graduate as a host of events and become a training trainer for IHK certification. She will then not only be able to prepare examiners for examinations, but will also be able to train seasoned trainers to get the most out of their teams.

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Book Excerpts:

What have we done?
• We have developed recipes that are custom-made in restaurants, but are quick and easy to cook at home.
• We have developed mental help
• We are dealing with hormones, macro and micronutrients
• Myths and facts have been dropped.
• We talked with effective sports
• Talk to the best sports and nutrition coaches in Germany

Why Diet Fails
We do not visualize our goals

Now we have a goal to lose x kg. That sounds nice, but how do we want to look? And what do we want to do when we achieve that goal?
X kg is somehow unavailable. We present a sandbag or so many pieces of butter. But faced with that, we can not import American butter into the body. These are somehow two measuring units that do not agree together.
It has been proven that the more detailed we present our goal, the faster we achieve it. And when you lose weight, there is a very simple trick.

It's just hypnosis.
No, no magic, magic or magic. But imagination
Our thoughts become the power of implementation.

And we can train.
Each day we take 10 minutes for ourselves. We care not to be upset during that time.
• We believe that the US is relaxed
• and present us a place
• where we feel comfortable.
• Introducing it to the US with all of our senses.
• We felt it, saw it, felt it.
• It may be a forest or a beach or or. A place that is our place of longing.
If we see this idea in our inner eye,
• there we see the USA,
• with our current body.
• Without condemning,
• We consider the USA as neutral.
• We are looking at the US from all sides.
• Rollers, wrinkles, bunny coats.
Then we introduce ourselves to our body of dreams.
• We also look at this very carefully.
• Well-stretched body,
• Slim body
• a healthy body.

Now excuse me
• We are aware of our old body,
• without bad or regret
• He has served us well for many years
and we enter into a new body.
• We are walking with them through our magical place.
• Let's go down to the US
• jump, run, dance
• and do all this
• OUR old body can not.

If we feel so well in the United States, we will return to our strengthened lives.

Hokospokus? Of course not.
Power thinking should not be underestimated.
If you do this exercise every day, it will drive you forward in its goals, such as the wind of the sailboat. It's a great help to trick pigs in difficult situations.


Coarse coffin in coat


1. Season the cod with lemon, salt and pepper. Be careful with salt, as parma ham is a good salt
2. Wrap the fish in the prosciutto and fix it with two toothpicks
3. Grate the fillets in olive oil on both sides
4. Then put in a heated oven about 70 degrees
5. Now boil the cabbage in the same pan and season with a thyme, fennel and salt and pepper
6. Here you can add a few drops of lemon
7. When the cabbage is withdrawn, serve the bacon

Per person for this dish:

Calories: 467
Protein: 65.3
Fat: 21.4
Carbohydrates: 4.7

The preparation time is about 20 minutes

The last diet in your life 2

The last diet in your life (-40 kg)

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Ellen Gande
On the pilgrimage route 37
41363 Jüchen

Tel.: 02181-1649260
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Ellen Gande has made 25 years of gastronomy, including 15 years of self-employed in an old watermill.
Over the last 15 years he earns a living from online trading. Together with her husband, who comes from the star of gastronomy, chef, sommelier, restaurant specialist and manager coach, have become nutrition experts. Last year you published six cookbooks together.
Her motto:
We live the food