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The Nidda Trade Association keeps records

New Board of the Nidda Trading Company. Photo: Maresch

New Board of the Nidda Trading Company. Photo: Maresch

NIDDA – Antje Schmidt-Wolf remains the president of the Nidda trading company. The members reaffirmed their confidence during the annual assembly. Her deputy is Martin Röhling. The position of the second deputy is open as well as the secretary's position. The new calculator is Constanze Schmidt, judges are Katharina Rank, Michael Coutandin, Andrea Steinbrenner, Jürgen Uwe Klein, Selda Kayatuz, Maximilian Häßner and Markus Schmidt. Thanks to computers, Klaus Heilmann, secretary Jürgen Uwe Klein and appraiser Tanja Scherpf adopted from their offices.

"Pink Fridayays" have been adopted differently, Schmidt-Wolf said in his annual report. The circle of organizers would hope for even more support from other members. The last "Pink Friday" at the end of construction time will be held on September 13th. The Christmas Market in 2018 with its 70 stands was well received, so it will be planned again, unlike the Christmas village, which has received too little response. The Weihnachtslosaktion gain would be drawn at Advent on Saturday at the home of meddlers.

The chair also referred to work with four committees and ten working groups, Rotary club presentation, city co-operation, such as neonatal receptions, numerous on-site workshops, and participation in information events such as "Active Core Areas". , Internal lectures were held on data protection and first aid. Klaus Heilmann, thanks to restructuring, calculates a favorable cash position despite increased cost of construction site activity. Secretary Jürgen Uwe Klein reported about 20 new entries in the past year and nine in the current year, so now a professional association has 142 members.

Maximilian Hassner reported from the retail trade of the working group. Particularly busy was the "Night of the Museum", the "runway" on the autumn market, the martini market, the Christmas market and the village, as well as the long Advent Sabbath, the "Nightwatch for sale", Handwerkerschautag and the summer festival and the purchase. Almost a unique working time in the country, for example on the Advent of the Sabbath, would make the town of Nidda a bit more attractive.

From July 1, you have to face the controversial theme of the construction site for two and a half months, Häßner said. He emphasized the benefits of a large advertising campaign in 2018: "The trade spectrum has, of course, fallen dramatically as expected, but we should not even imagine how much it would have been if we did not build such a big campaign around the campaign, Nidda – Nidda and you are happy. The workgroup plans to plan for the upcoming "catwalk", and hairdressers and modelers are still looking for it. "The trade association has 31 members from the retail sector," concluded Häßner.

Martin Röhling of Handwerk Handwerkwerka reported on a successful day of the exhibition. He thanked co-organizers Holger Aussmus and Michael Coutand. It was useful to hear the panel discussion "Our city – maintaining and restoring values". However, the driver's behavior was embarrassing, which unselfishly pushed the barrier to the side and ran a market that threatened market visitors, and later dismantled. In the future, assistance will be provided by the auxiliary police of the city during construction and demolition. The workgroup has about 50 members. Selda Kayatuz (Gastronomic Working Group) reported on a "banqueting and banqueting", well-established with 14 cabins, and equally good public response.

With a praise for the construction company, Caspar Häßner started the construction site report. Despite the upcoming road works, it is expected that the construction period will end four months earlier than originally planned. 48 companies that participated in "Niddi bautu" invested a total of 50,000 euros in advertising and information in 2018. Four "Pink Fridays" provided city support, and the city took over the costs of Marketing Advisor at Construction Site, André Haussmann. Bureaucracy and the conditions of higher authorities would hamper monitoring of construction measures, but two direct talks with the support of Nidda near Hessen Mobil in Gelnhausen were constructive.

Conclusion Hässners: "A business initiative, Nidda builds – Nidda seems happy" increased cohesion in Niddi and should continue after the time of the construction site and continue to transfer to urban marketing.