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The seven heads of the family live (almost) without plastic

We also brought to the bathroom. "Instead of a shower gel in a plastic dispenser, we now have soaps," explains Öhler. Toothbrushes are made of wood, and toothpaste is powder in the glass. A few plastic products are still in the closet, sunblock or deodorant shaving. "I've never found an alternative to sun protection without plastic," says Öhler.

It is often harder to work without plastics abroad

For what there is definitely no alternative, they are medicines. Of course, this still uses the family. "It's not about rejecting all plastic things, we use them to the very end, and when they are empty, we turn them or deliver them," explains the mother.

For acquaintances, the concept has not started so well in the beginning: "They said we were crazy," recalls Magdalena Öhler. Meanwhile, they would even accept their advice.

Even on holiday, the Öhleri ​​try to live as smoothly as possible without plastic. "It is often much harder to travel abroad than in Germany because there is only plastic packaging," explains the 40-year-old.

The mother of four children is authentic and above all a determined impression that in the future it avoids even more plastic products.