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These German cosmetics brands have set Hollywood stars

For a long time, cosmetics from Asia was very popular, but now make brands from Germany's hype competition. German cosmetic products are in greater demand than ever they themselves create a name under the so-called. "G-Beauty". What cosmetic brands are involved, you will find out here.

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Cosmetics from Korea were yesterday – today the stars rely on German beauty products. Famous people such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Emma Roberts and Bella Hadid are hired in certain brands that have their origins here with us. Among them are many innovative products with new active ingredients that guarantee high quality and efficiency. Here you can find out which German beauties do not want a Hollywood elite.

This brand promises to prevent aging and stains

The beauty of the Babor brand is incredibly popular not only in our country, but also in the international area. Specifically, well-tested HY-ÖL, which represents a unique clean-up, is now indispensable. especially Highly effective babor ampules are very popular in the Hollywood star, which by their special formula prevent aging or even overthrowing. Actress Cameron Diaz will use these ampoules to control their impurities.

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The stars are hugging for youthful skin

Barbara Sturm's cosmetic line "Molecular Cosmetics" is just passing through the roof of Hollywood, and beauties such as Kendall Jenner, Belle Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Emme Roberts swear by German beauty products active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and purslane, they are real A strange weapon for youthful skin. Here you can get a foam to clean Dr. Med. Buy for Barbaru Sturm.

These products are designed to provide extra moisture

The brand of natural cosmetics Weleda is known to all of us – stars such as Rihanna, Julie Roberts and Victoria Beckham swear in you impeccable and soft skin on German brand products. Essential oils and other natural active ingredients work in harmony with the structure of the skin make dry skin the reality of the past, In an interview with Instyle, Julia Roberts reveals her enthusiasm for Weleda Skin Cream Skinfood, which is primarily used for dry hands, elbows and feet. Here you can buy the cream again.

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