What to do in case of spiritual drought?

The experiences of spiritual dryness or feeling completely forgotten of God are reported again and again, not just from people whose lives faith once took center stage. If these people are still working in this area, it will be particularly difficult. "Sometimes you come to a point where all the pursuit and pursuit will fall, where it is unclear how and if it continues. If God seems to have completely withdrawn, it does not seem to fit anymore, when everything has become fragile, dry and empty in life "What then?" Arndt Büssing is the basic question of a new book, which he has now published together with Thomas Dienberg in brief.

"Spiritual dryness." Empirical, theological, accompanying "concludes the results of the conference on spiritual drought. Theological-historical thoughts, empirical justifications and spiritual-theological impulses emphasize the current significance of this theme for pastoral care and their own practice of faith.

Arndt Büssing is a doctor and professor of quality of life, spirituality and coping at the Witten / Herdecke University and an external associate at the IUNCTUS Center for Competence for Christian Spirituality PTH Münster. His research interests are expressions of spirituality even in secular society, as well as the spiritual needs of chronically ill and elderly people.

Thomas Dienberg is a capuchin and professor of theology of spirituality at the Münster Faculty of Philosophy and Theology. Director of IUNCTUS – Center for Excellence for Christian Spirituality in Münster. His research interests include history and theology of mysticism and asceticism, Franciscan spirituality, spirituality and management / leadership, secularization and spirituality.

Arndt Büssing / Thomas Dienberg (ed.)
Spiritual dryness. Empirical, theological, in the company
2019, 257 pages, kart. 36 EUR
ISBN 978-3-402-24589-7

Further information: Prof. Dr. honey. Arndt Büssing, arndt.buessing@uni-wh.de or 02330 / 623-246

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