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With some color and imagination in third place

Young Köstenberger was third in the federal competition of students. WOCHE has talked to a young "artist".

Koestenberg. Rebecca Jäger from Köstenberg has recently won third place in federal competition of hairdressers, beauticians and pedicures. I in the category "Fantasy Make-up". She talks about her ambitions and goals with the week.

WEEK: In what school year?
REBECCA JÄGER: I'm in the second year of internship in a drugstore at Atrio Villach.

What kind of school did you work and how did you come to your career?
I finished CHS Villach with a one-year economic focus. Before that, I had attended Peraugymnasium for four years.

Did you always have the desire to gain a foothold in this industry?
Choosing a career is an important decision. That is why I have been researching different professions in advance and decided to try them in the cosmetic salon. The first experiences did not convince me so my mother encouraged me to try another studio. Everything has been successful since the very beginning and I am very happy that I decided to go to the cosmetics course at dm.

What are your professional goals?
First of all, I would like to complete my education with a completed secondary school. I wish to continue my education, and later to work as a visitor.

What were your most beautiful trainings so far?
This, of course, was the success of the Federal Scientific Competition in Burgenland.

How long have you trained for the competition?
I often practiced at the cosmetics salon dm and worked once a week with a make-up artist on my model. Then I tried out tips and tricks of makeup at home with my sister.

How hard was it?
Since I was well prepared and received great support from dm, my family and make-up artist, the competition was not particularly difficult.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​"fantasy make-up"?
In my mind, I "painted" ideas on this subject and allowed myself to be inspired.

How did the competition work, how long did you have time for the presentation?
The day before the competition we visited together the Forchtenstein castle. The next day he started preparing the job. Then there was a federal competition in internship, which lasted from 9 am to 12 pm. In the category of makeup fantasy, a total of six interns participated.