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& # 039; Runaway Bride: love at first glance

The Hortensia of the Runaway Bride & # 39; not only enchants garden lovers.


It is free, fresh, it breaks normally:Runaway Bride & # 39;, that's an unusual name a new kind of hydrangeaThis year, lovers of trendy plants in a charming way, head distorted and fresh wind Bed and bath bringing. With its remarkable, modern look and countless, snowy white flowers "The fame that does not dare" is distinctly different from the traditional beauty of the farm. The magnificent plant is versatile and enchanting with its grace not only claims garden and Balkan fans.

Nice as it is unconventional

As you would expect from a bride, "Runaway Bride" immediately enchants with its stunning beauty. What makes it so special? She does not respect any rules! Because, unlike conventional hydrangeas, it not only forms the flowers on the shooter, but also on each pair of leaves along the branch. This leads to unbelievable wealth of flowers and wreath growthbecause he was previously unknown to hortensias. Appropriate name, falling flower wreaths remind of the gorgeous wedding dress. By the way, at colder temperatures, white flowers may become pale pink. It gives a beautiful "bride" a special charm, it seems to be gently flushed.

Fresh, modern and versatile

Runaway Bride & # 39; it cuts a fine figure in every situation. In hot summer days, its glorious white flowers combined with green leaves radiate freshness and ease and ensures a harmonious blend of plants with any style of interior design and all other colors. Thanks to the low growth rate of only 50 to 60 centimeters, horticulture novelties are suitable as a leafy garden plant as well as a container for a terrace or balcony.

In one a light spot on a window sill even temporarily houseplant keep. However, with its magnificent floral vintages, the unconventional "bride" is not just a bright eye in bed and tub. Hanging growth makes them ideal for casting columns and hanging baskets. Likewise cut flowers Flowering flowers are on their own. Whether in a wedding bouquet, as an arrangement on a holiday table or as a summer crown on a wall or front door, the floral opportunities of "Runaway Bride" are virtually unlimited.

Tip: Runaway Bride & # 39; Hortensia in different sizes and forms of growth with its snow-covered flowers provide a cool breeze on the terraces and balconies and transforms the outdoor spaces in a short period of time into an almost winter summer paradise where it can be beautifully relaxed in the hot days. , Particularly original: a pyramid-shaped hydrangea that slightly resembles snow covered mini fir trees.

Full of delight, & runaway bride & # 39; even dresses in a wedding dress on garden boots and reaches the shovel to create a suitable place for her beautiful name. In her sister claim, the "Runaway Bride" is pretty clear. So that she shines all over her glory all summer, there are only a few beauty tips to consider.

The plant feels the most at home partially shaded cookies in the soil rich in nutrients in bed or in one bigger stock on a balcony or terrace. But even in a sunny or shady place, it can thrive well. Water is the most important elixir of beauty. Like all other hortensities, the "Runaway Bride" should be watered regularly. On wet feet, the bride reacts quickly. Therefore, do not leave excess water for irrigation in the railroad for a long time. Like all the flowers, the "Runaway Bride" enjoys a regular supply of fertilizers. Especially after flowering, they help her continue to grow strongly and next year to create a lot of new flowers. If the plant becomes too large despite the clean height of the plant, it can be cut after flowering in the summer. Against the cold, the beautiful bride is completely insensitive. So it can spend the winter out there without any problems. By the way, before "Runaway Bride" loses leaves in autumn, changes color and sparks fireworks. So, even after the flowering season, the bride again shows her best.