20 tips for strong kids »What can you do as a father? 2

20 tips for strong kids »What can you do as a father?

The basic rules for fathers – for a self-confident child

Self-confidence is the key to later, two legs in life. Children who learn to be self confident show more courage. Small and big defeats are better than others. They are more successful, healthier and more resistant to temptation. All in all, they live more relaxed. It's easier for them to find friends. As a father, you play a key role in thatYour self-confident child becomes an authentic adult. We'll give you 20 tips to increase your child's trust. So fearless bunnies soon become superheroes who overcome every obstacle in life.

strong children
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1. Give the best of your child: your unconditional love

Coming pats, pats and walks around belong to a well-functioning relationship between a parent and a child. Spend time with your child, meet him, give him emotional warmth. Even if it responds challengingly, you give it unconditional love. If you are punished with the withdrawal of love, it will eventually lead to emotional addiction. Those affected are giving up self-determination to meet the partner's wishes. This is because of the fear of losing another person's love. Apart from physical heat, words are an important means of expressing your love. As a result, your child develops a healthy love for himself. Growth with positive self-esteem.

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2. Talk to your child about feelings

Is your child sad, talk to him about it. Beautiful memories quickly erase the tears. Give him a guarantee that negative feelings and sorrow will disappear. Explain that they are part of life and there is nothing wrong with feeling bad. In this way you suggest to your spouse not to be merciful and helpless of bad feelings. In no case does it help suppress or ignore negative feelings. When tears roll, you show understanding. Hug your kid.

3. Be aware of your son or daughter

Even in stressful times, it is useful if you give your child the necessary attention. That makes it important. If you do not look at your spouse, he feels worthless. Listen carefully to your child. Get involved in things that interest you. You'll notice it quickly when you're out of control while checking emails or viewing messages. Do not you really have time to explain this to your offspring. Promise him you will spend a lot of time with him later. Please pay attention to it. At eye level it works best.

20 tips for strong kids »What can you do as a father? 3
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4. See life slacker

Especially in childhood, they are done with negligent small crimes. Instead of getting out of the skin, many small pains and pains break into laughter in the air. Sharing laughter helps your child to be more relaxed with mistakes. It is important that you laugh together, not one at the other. If you laugh at your child, you lose your self-esteem.

5. Focus on positive

The focus on the power of your offspring leads to positive development. If you look only at the disadvantages, problems are being developed in places where they really do not exist. Focus on successes, moments of happiness and strength. This makes life easier and increases your child's self-confidence.

6. Be honest with your child

Never lie to a child. This will lose your confidence. If you are honest, your child will be with you. The open relationship prevents mistrust. You signal your child that you can rely on yourself. Even small white lies diminish confidence.

7. Have your child have their own experiences

The offspring is curious. He learns to discover the world with his own eyes. This also applies to his experiences. He is constantly evolving. Your child is trying. Support doing things yourself. Exercise patience. Do not quit immediately if something fails. Personal achievements reinforce self-confidence. In addition, your child does not give up immediately if something fails. If he needs help, offer him in a friendly way.

8. Create security with small rituals

If the offspring feels safe and secure, he will first learn to firmly stand in their lives with both feet. Security creates confidence in oneself and others. Regular habits reinforce persistence. Beautiful rituals are evening hair brushing or story for a good night.

9. Offer sports to improve self-confidence

Sporting at the club is a great way to build self-confidence. For children with relatively low confidence, courses are appropriate and do not encourage success, but promote co-operation. It does not count only victory, but also joint sports activity. A respectable coach respects how much your protégé is trying to do. High performance and competitive groups reduce self-confidence. If fun in the foreground, it quickly finds pleasure in its new hobby.

10. Give your child an opportunity to help

Younger children are happy to work in the household. It is most fun to stir the dough or to form a pie. They all bother and cause much chaos. That is not bad. Through the experience, children learn to do so. They build competencies. In this way, they do not even lose in teenage years the desire to help. Help your ward. Do not get angry immediately if something breaks.

Take time to ask questions

Children have many questions that you do not always have the right answer. Try to answer as much as possible. Support the curiosity of the small. Encourage him to ask questions. Then your child is not afraid to communicate with other people. He agrees to talk to people.

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12. Allow to foster creativity so far

The kids get bored fast. Most parents want to hire them as soon as possible. To calm down quickly, the internet and television are on the agenda. But boredom is also a key part of life. They need toddlers to rest. At the same time, it increases intuition and creativity. If you treat your baby 24 hours a day, you will not learn how to deal with yourself. Learn not to do constant activities on your child. If your offspring is looking for a job, later on it will be more creative and more active.

13. Pay attention to your child's limitations

Your child determines where his limits are. The same is true of his need for privacy. It starts by sharing toys with friends and goes to physical contact. If he does not want hugs or kisses, do not push him. Observe the limits of your child. This gives him the chance to be better confirmed later.

14. Leave a bad mood

Of course, it's not always the sun. A bad mood is among children. Allow the child of this phase. Otherwise, they will try to suppress these feelings later. In the long run, this kind of behavior makes you sick. Apart from tensions, gastric problems and headaches, it leads to serious depression. Of course, your child may not miss his bad mood for other people.

15. Be a copilot in your child's life

Your son or daughter constantly collects new experiences. It helps if you support her. That means you're always there for your baby. If it is alone, it causes fears. As a cop, leave the wheelchair protector. You intervene when things get hot. If he can rely on you, he will become brave. Then they rule even heavy stages, as the first day at school.

16. Accept the opinion of your child

It's important to have your own opinion. It shows self-confidence. Blind obedience seems appropriate to you but does not promote the self-esteem of your offspring. It's important to teach him not to hurt anyone. Respect and respect prevent rebellious teenagers. If you seriously understand your child, you are preventing conflicts.

17. Talk to your child

Children expect respect. If you command your children, you risk being locked up. Talk to him about your expectations and wishes. Later thank you for that. In the world of work and partnership can not move.

18. Show your descendants that their faults belong to him

Let's learn from mistakes. They promote further development and encourage new solutions. No matter how many children do, try again. If you criticize them, they will become aware of the mistakes. It encourages the panic to do something wrong. Your child does not dare try something new out of fear of failure. Boost it to find the right solution. Perhaps it all comes down to the right idea. Then he is happy for the sense of accomplishment. Trying to, your child learns to trust his own abilities and stick to it. Persistence brings him many benefits at school and at work later on.

19. Do not compare your child to others

You protect the self-esteem of your spouse by supporting yourself or your brothers and sisters. Otherwise, your child feels inferior, inferior or inadequate. It ruins self-confidence. Comparisons with your child are offered for positive development. You show him progress in learning. Little praise further increases self-esteem.

20. Show the child you do not like

In addition to praise, criticism also belongs to good education. With an appropriate complaint, point him out wrong. Try to remain objective and calm, even if you are upset. Loud cries hurt self-esteem. Do you bother the child? Strong, serious voice indicates that you do not approve of something. Alternatively, turn your criticism into the desires you communicate with your child.