A Beautiful New World - Beauty is Booming! The most exciting insight into the GIK industry report 2

A Beautiful New World – Beauty is Booming! The most exciting insight into the GIK industry report

07/04/2019. – 11:01

GIK – Society for Integrated Communication Research

A Beautiful New World - Beauty is Booming! The most exciting insight into the GIK industry report

Munich (ots)

The world of beauty is on the move: the days when women were particularly interested in nursing and beauty products. And in men there is a trend of beauty! The current GDR report provides exciting new facts and figures.

Body Care, Perfumes and Face Cosmetics – Typical Women's Issues? No, people talk about it today! The Gesellschaft für integrated Kommunikationsforschung (GIK) surveyed 30,105 consumers on their behavior in purchasing and brand orientation towards personal care. The result is an exciting picture of the "nation of beauty states": which brands are particularly popular? Where do women know about proper skin care? What do men think about gray hair? Current GIK industry report "Beauty" gives answers.

Not without My Brands: Power Brands and Real Beloved

These are bursty times for branding – at the time of digitization, the wishes and ideas of people are changing rapidly. In the world of beauty, however, it can be said that women and men in choosing beauty products attach great importance to known names. Particularly in makeup (+ 15 percent, 2013 to 2018) and nutritional cosmetics (+ 14 percent) women rely on brands. Men are important brands in face cosmetics (+ 28 percent) and personal care (+ 17 percent). Strong brands can be defined here: Nivea, Dove, Weleda, Kneipp and Chanel are often bought and loved in personal care. The real Darlings – with a high emotional bondage, but not so well known – are Rituals, Shiseido, Lavera, Celyoung and Avène.

Cream for men, women are buying

But there are still some differences – buying behavior. Most women buy and use general-purpose hand creams. Although two-thirds of men use creams, only half of them buy them. Male respondents say they prefer to buy or simply borrow something.

Best people in the crisis?

How many gray temples are attracted to? The question is getting more and more men. When it comes to gray hair, men are obviously "aware of the problem" than a few years ago. In 2013, 3.6 percent of the respondents said they were bothered by this kind of visual aging. Today it is 6.0 percent – so they are almost equal to women (8 percent)! More and more men (11 percent) complain of the first wrinkles, and women at 24.5 percent. That is why 23.3 percent of men and 58.4 percent of women use anti-aging agents. However, men stand by their gray hair: only 5.8 percent of their hair (compared to 53.3 percent of women).

Beauty lovers are informed in journals and on the internet

According to the report, 61 percent of women read magazines and likes to learn about cosmetics brands and their properties. But digital channels are also on the rise: first of all, men who want to inform about beauty products are increasingly using online services (+ 56 percent). Generally, brands provide orientation because the beauty market is large and diverse. Therefore, proper communication with the brand is of great importance – especially because, according to the GIK report, advertising of beauty is perceived in comparison with other industries particularly positive. Especially in body care brands evaluate their credibility. Advertising make-up motives in turn are considered to be real attractive faces.

Further information on the new industry report "Beauty", including many other aspects, can be found at https://gik.media/downloads/

O b4p and b4t

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