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A young woman realizes a diet and feeds only DAVON – "Nimiti"

A young woman realizes a diet and feeds only DAVON – "Nimiti"

The young woman decided for raw food.

The young woman decided for raw food.

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Feeding only with air, light and smoothies? That works – says at least Audra Bear from the United States.

Twenty-two-year-olds are kneeling on a diet, in which they no longer take solid food, but only "pranu", cosmic life energy. In addition to drinking water, tea and beverages, Audra Bear conducts three hours of daily exercise in breathing and yoga.

Influencer feels stronger through diet

At Instagram, Audra Bear writes, "The more I breathe, the less I need, the journey with the Param opened my eyes, made me sensitive and intuitive, I really believe I did not know until I came into contact with breathing. right i.

Light nutrition: experts say

According to her own confession, she feels much healthier than transitioning to her diet than before. It is by no means the only one that meets these rules, the concept even has its name and is called "Breatharianism".

Experts strongly advise this diet. Antje Gahl of the German Diet Society explains "RTL": "Without food, people can safely survive for a long time, deciding the factor of hydration, the human body is made up of more than 50 percent of water, and lack of water leads to serious health problems in just a few days. "

The followers are concerned about Audre Bear

No rigid food can survive for about 30 days, maybe a little longer. But the expert clearly says, "This diet is definitely not recommended for imitation!"

How dangerous the "light food" is, this tragic case shows: By the end of 2017, a 22-year-old from Hamburg died on the Caribbean island of Dominica after having been in the back for days. The results of the research "NDR".


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"Lichtnahrung": 22-year-old from Hamburg – dead!

The young man was considered a follower of Breathianism. According to families and friends, he reported on his plan to try to feed only with light and not want to absorb any food or liquid.

This was the first death of a German citizen for more than 20 years. In 1997, a man died in Munich because he tried to feed only light.

Influencer Audra Bear seems to still not understand the consequences. Some 25-year-old followers are very worried. One user writes: "At some point, your body will stop functioning. Stop this nonsense diet." The other just asks, "But … why?"