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According to Diss Olivera Pochera: Undoubted reaction of Pietro Lombardy

"I'm totally missing in some way and antisocial"

"I do not like parents taking their kids outdoors." Oh, look, this delicious tea loves my son. ", He apologized to Oliver Pocher in an interview for "OK!" conveniently set after Lombardy. The comedian could do that I do not understand that you are presenting your child on social networks.

I think you have the responsibility as a parent

he was upset.

In my eyes You do not have to bring the child back to the piano for each editiondo it with any one Flights to be generated.

he was persecuted. "Famous people who sell their children online, in any way, and especially on the Internet, I am totally missing in a certain sense and antisocial ". Pocher discovered in the RTL interview.

"And it is irresponsible because the child is no easier later"

And Amy's girl Amira could not stop her anger. "I do not want to name names now, but if you tell your little kid that he'll come to Pampers and it will not be clean …", Said the pregnant woman when Oli had interrupted her: "Is this what Sarah Lombardi did?" Answers Amira horrified

that, in an interview. And I just think: Even it does not forget the internet. What is happening? In kindergarten, the elementary school will be called: Haha, Hosenschei├čer. & # 39; And we all know how kids are. And it is irresponsible because the child is no longer easy.

Oh, oh …

Now Oli and Amira met for the first time at a public event in Pietra. But how did the musician react to the allegations about them?

Pietro Lombardi responds to the charges

In an interview for RTL, Oli re-emphasized his position in the presence of Pietra:

It came from soap, the soap of celebrities. And he also knows If it's up to me, I will not show her a son anymore.

Asked what a 26-year-old man thinks about blue boy's claims, he answers:

He (Oliver, editor's note) is right, It's quite true, you should not show a boy or a girl, and you do not really want to figure out what's going on there. It is important for me in education – anyway, where, what is allowed, he can not – we agree and if she (Sarah Lombardi, editorial note) wants to show her, she should do it.

Did Pietro still point to his son Alessio on the Internet is not clear. One thing is for sure: on the friendship of men, the mini Zoff obviously had no effect!

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