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Allergic patients do not have to have no ice cream in Gladbeck

For vegans, it is a good fruit jar. Even with the incompatibility there are ice alternatives. Ice-cream organizers in Gladbeck give advice.

Those who can not eat normal ice cream, for example because of allergies or intolerances, sometimes have problems. Ice cream parlor managers at Gladbeck Center give you tips on what to look for when buying cold balls.

Warn the waiter in the ice cream salon directly on allergies

For example, Antonio Morossi from the "Dolomiti" ice cream salon at Lambertikirche strongly advises the vendor or waiter to point out the existence of incompatibility when selecting ice cream. "Only if the buyer says he does not tolerate something, we can take that into account." This is especially true of finished suffixes, filled with various types of dairy ice cream or fruit ice cream. If the user cites what he can not eat, another type of ice cream is chosen.

For vegans, for example, "Dolomites" is also suitable for fruit ice cream. "It was made without dairy products, without lactose and vegan." Morossi also made dairy veggies, then almonds instead of cow's milk. However: "There is one difference compared to the standard dairy ice." In addition, the demand for vegan ice is too small to offer it permanently, and so does the ice-cream operator.

The list of all ingredients must be available

In addition, all ice cream parlors must have a list of all ingredients used for several years. "Customers who can not handle something can look on the list," says Wolfgang Haas of "The Ice Cream Cafe". Vegan ice cream does not exist there. "Call it cream, because it's creamy ice cream here." All ice creams are based on milk, "says Haas.The ice cream shop Cortina on Hochstra├če now offers a number of types of ice cream for diabetics.The chef Rosanna Fabbro explains:" Our ice cream puddles, dark chocolate and strawberry yogurt are non-sugary and are therefore suitable for diabetics . "