Amazon sells sunscreen that burns fat during sunburn

Would you like to burn fat before your summer vacation? Obviously you can lose weight when tanning using sunshapers sunscreen. Here's all you need to know.

Do not you have enough time to get this bikini body?

You will be glad to know there is a way to strengthen yourself on the beach.

Obviously, this sunscreen helps the body burn fat while protecting you from UVB.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the product.

Customers can pick up sunbeds for £ 19.99 from Amazons.

According to the product description contains SPF 30 cream "proven burning fat and cellulite".

The formulation is said to produce a thermogenic effect that helps in ejecting flab.

Producers claim it prevents "creating new fat cells up to 80%" and "reduces existing fat cells up to 35%".

It is also said to burn cellulite up to 60% and stimulates "regeneration of skin cells".

These claims are very brave – and as with any product, we do not believe the formula will work miracles.

Disclaimer of the article states: "Individual results can not be guaranteed".

There are currently no Sunshraft reviews.

Your best choice for fat burning is to eat healthy and often exercise.

Despite our product concerns, the reviews we saw on Trustpilot are very positive.

It has a rating of 4 stars and some users find it "effective".

One critic commented: "A surprisingly effective cream, easy on the skin, has a very good sunscreen and actually works. Buy again."

The other said, "These are excellent products.

"I have prepared the skin for summer all year round.

"I'm happy to use it on my holidays!"