Bauer expects the consequences 2

Bauer expects the consequences

Stuttgart.Head of the Heidelberg University Hospital, Christof Sohn, presented the state of things during the presentation of a blood test for breast cancer diagnosis, which was not covered by the scientific results. This is the result of an unpublished evaluation by the Internal Medicine Commission. It was only possible to read the blood test, the actual cancer test would be "to be developed later," the seven-page report, available to our editors, says. Why this information is presented to lay people as "the first market test for breast cancer", "The Commission does not open". The promise is not "true".

On February 21, 2019, the son presented a blood test for breast cancer at the gynecologic congress in Dusseldorf. At the same time, the campaign launched was a "world-wide sensation". Just a few days after the alleged "puncture", it turned out that the test was unsuitable.

These are explained in detail by the experts. Developing a diagnosis of the disease usually occurs in seven phases, lasting from five to ten years or more. The "hei-screen" marketing-based activities would still be in the first two phases. From today's point of view, it is not possible to assess whether there will be a product for which there is a medical need. Conclusion: "It should be noted that so far there was no" blood market test "mentioned in the press release, but at best it still needs to be developed and tested."

Listening to the state parliament

Science Minister Theresia Bauer (Green) expects consequences after the scandal. This was stated on Wednesday at the hearing of the Scientific Committee in Baden-Württemberg State Parliament. Without naming a son by name, he complained about the loss of confidence in science, "when the professor and director of the hospital announce to cancer reporters ready for the market and promises more than he can." As a scientist, he plays with the feelings of women involved. "There was damage," the minister admitted.

Bauer has announced an interim report of the Independent Expert Committee on Blood Test Scandal for the Supervisory Board meeting on July 16th. The minister demanded a quick assessment: "I wish this could be done a little faster." For the University of Heidelberg, this is a lot to be said. Because the science ministers decided on July 19 on the future promotion of the German elite universities. Heidelberg was in the first two rounds. It is unclear whether the scandal had a negative impact on the chances of further funding.

After hearing at the committee, FDP delegate Nico Weinmann pointed out the risks of the current situation: HeiScreen's scientific work is currently being paid out of the third-party funds of the university hospital. "What will happen if development does not lead to success?" Representative Marion Gentges of the CDU coalition partner showed an understanding that Bauer wants to wait for the commission's report. Previous Ministry information lacks her details: "I would like more text." She was surprised by Bauer's "clear critique of the gynecological clinic".

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