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California is the first state to forbid discrimination against hairstyles

Mr Gavin News has signed a law Wednesday to make California the first country to ban workplace and school discrimination against black people for wearing hairstyles such as knitwear, knitwear, and locks.

The Act of Senator Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, a black woman who wears you to lock your hair, makes California the first state that explicitly says that these hairstyles are associated with race and therefore protected from discrimination. Workplace and schools.

"We hope to change the history of the exchange in this country, recognizing that what is defined as a professional hairstyle and workwear is historically based on a Euro-centric model – based on flat hair, Mitchell said.

Stephanie Jäger-Ray, who works at the counter, says she usually wears knitted hair or african, but that one day she came to work with him, she was corrected and set up in a bob. Her manager said her hair never looked so normal.

"That made me sick," Hunter Ray said in an interview for a hairdressing salon in Sacramento, specializing in natural haircuts. "What do you mean by" normal? "Your normal person is not my normal, my normal is my" or my braid "& # 39 ;.

The case of Alikah Hatchett, who runs the Sacred Crown Salon in Sacramento, said that her blacks came to the salon to ask her to take off her hair because she did not find any work.

The law, she says, "means that mentally and mentally people can relax and be able to get the job they want, keep jobs they want and promote them to the jobs they need. They want it.

The new law in California, which is in effect since January 1, is significant because it has been held in federal courts in the past, and hair is a feature that can be changed, which means there is no basis for complaints about discrimination due to a hairstyle. The United States Supreme Court has recently refused to hear a case from an Alabama woman who said she did not know how to get a job because she refused to change her hair.

The question arose in the eyes of the public, recently in December, when a black high school wrestler in New Jersey told the judge that he was competing to cut off his chips if he wanted to. The Democratic Governor of California said this video is a good example of discrimination against black Americans.

"His decision on whether to lose a sports match or lose his identity came, I believe, – strong conditions for millions of Americans," News said before signing the law with Mitchell and half a dozen attorneys. "In the workplace, it plays in schools – not just in sports competitions and attitudes – every day in the whole of America in a subtle and open way."

But California is the first state with such a law, New York City, earlier this year issued a legal advice prohibiting discrimination against anyone based on their hairstyles. Beauty Dove is part of a coalition that advocates greater hairstyle, and Mitchell expressed hope that other states will follow California.

Mitchell Bill adds that the language of state discrimination laws says that "race" also includes "traits that are historically related to race," including hair texture and protective haircuts. He also defines protective hairstyles such as braids, braids and locks.

The term lock, or "lox" is the preferred term for dredges, which has a pejorative connotation.

In Hunter-Ray, Exquisite U, on Wednesday, your stylists and clients return to the new law.

Shereen Africa, who said she had coated her hair from Elicie Drayton, said she used to work at a television station in Mississippi where the black anchor ceased after disguise to withstand the nose. Africa has told you not to wear hair in your business at work, even if you are not in the air because the environment does not support it.

"When I'm in a professional environment, I do not wear my hair anyway," she said.

Anonymous on the second television in Mississippi has released national news when she said she was released after she stopped repairing her hair.

"They want to go to work and feel free," Drayton said. "You do not want to feel like you're wearing a wig or that your hair is someone else."

Last Updated Date: 04 Jul 2019 01:06