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Cannabis in Medicine and Everyday Life? So amazing people's opinion

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In medicine, cannabis is known for its analgesic effect. Hemp extracts are also used in everyday products. Customers have a clear view of this.

Most Germans believe cannabis use is positive. For example, three quarters (74 percent) of Germans believe that medical cannabis can be a good addition to chemical products for chronic pain and other illnesses. Many also see cannabis use, according to cannabis and hemp Canopy Growth research, in collaboration with Innofact AG market research company. 1 007 men and women were questioned about their attitudes – and many agree.

63 percent of respondents believe that cannabis use is not properly recognized

Almost 55 percent of respondents believe that the actual benefit of cannabis is higher in the field of medicine. However, this potential seems to be far from exhausted: Two thirds of Germans (63%) believe that the plant's benefits have so far not been properly recognized and that they are well-no longer prescribed (62%)More than one third (57 percent) believes that more research and investment should be made to develop more cannabis products.

In particular, cannabis-based products (CBDs) receive more attention in the cosmetics and dietary supplements sector. Plant root oil is not only found in Shampoos, oils or creams, as well as superfood bars, drinks and teas with CBD are availableDespite the great acceptance, many Germans are skeptical about new products and use them unreasonably.

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One of the ten uses hemp products as a source of omega-3 fatty acids or to build muscle

Almost every tenth (9.7%) regularly uses cannabis, for example in chronic pain, multiple sclerosis or Crohn's disease, 16 percent of women and men surveyed have already tried hemp cosmetics. A little less (11%) uses hemp products as a source of omega-3 fatty acids or as a source of protein-building muscle.

Now there are also oral hygiene productscontaining CBD oil. For example, contained gamma-linolenic acid in tooth decay should have an anti-inflammatory effect, which should alleviate the problems with the gums. And CBD enriched lip balm to calm the sensitive lips, as the portal Hytiva writes. Although the use of cannabis in cosmetics is legitimate, hemp is considered a healing plant. But should this be an overexcited product with hemp essence, or your favorite favorite product depends on you.

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