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Coffee makes the fat dissolve

Whether you wake up in the morning or after lunch for lunch relief: Many indulge one or more cups of coffee a day. If this is not harmful but also good for losing weight, the researchers have confirmed in the study.

Coffee is not only delicious, it also helps you lose weight. These are confirmed by British researchers. In a study published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, they examined the effect of caffeine on human fat.

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The result? Coffee makes melt fat. We people have different types of fatty tissue. The two main groups are white fatty tissue that we use as an energy store and brown that allows us to produce heat. And the latter, thanks to the coffee, seems quicker.

By the way: do you drink more than three cups a day? It does not matter, as the study now shows!

Caffeine in coffee ensures that a certain protein in brown fatty tissue is better converted to heat, so to speak, melts.

But drink the right coffee!

Scientists could not only test the effect on cell culture in the lab, but they could be proven in humans. Nine participants had to drink coffee or water on an empty stomach. Among those who drink coffee, researchers have been able to show a stronger heat development.

Before You Go to a Coffee Maker: It is not yet clear whether this effect is a result of caffeine, or perhaps other ingredients in the game.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few cups of coffee a day. It's only important if you want to lose weight, not to pour sugar pounds into your coffee. Those who want to save calories should prefer to grab black coffee because, thanks to milk and sugar, cups in the afternoon are quickly becoming a calorie bomb.

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