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Continuously in gym: So PLL-Beauty Lucy Hale Motivates!

Many people have great problems with overcoming internal hostage and motivating for exercise. The Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale (30), on the other hand, is all but a sports idiot and does not seem to have any problems in terms of motivation. It actually sweats almost every day in the gym! But how can an actress be so consistent?

Some like to get out of it, others are almost bothered by the perfect figure – but what Lucy Driving fitness is a challenge. "I like to be challenged. I love reaching my limits"she told him W Magazine about her passion: "This has indeed become one of the most important aspects of my life." There is no excuse for not engaging in sport, "I begin every day with a black beauty. I do my best when I travel or do – not just because of the physical aspect, but because we all obviously want to stay in shape."

With regular exercises Lucy find the perfect balance in your stressful daily life. She emphasizes: "Emotionally, mentally and spiritually, sport is one of the most important things that keeps everything under control."

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Lucy Hale in September 2018
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Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale shows a tattoo on the bullet in June 2017Instagram / lucyhale

Lucy Hale shows a tattoo on the bullet in June 2017

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