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Dick the ship on a diet

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Bentley was bouncing on the disturbed souls of the better people. Because you can finally drive a 2.6 ton and 449 hp SUV with a clear conscience – thanks to the hybrid attachment. And that's just the beginning.

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SP-X / San Francisco. Bentley puts his dick on a diet. As the first step towards electrification of the model, British Bentayga offers the fourth quarter as a plug-in hybrid. For a price of 165,000 euros, there is a luxury ship among mobile phones with a combination of the V6 petrol engine, the electric motor and the Pufferakku, which should allow for a ride about 50 kilometers without emissions.

Instead of the audible noise of its twelve-cylinder Bentay Hybrid hybrid, in total silence, it began its low noise driving: 128 HP and 350 Nm makes it integrated into an automatic electric motor and thus even only 2.7 tonnes has enough power for urban traffic without emissions. And if you accelerate slightly, you can even pull the electric motor up to 135 km / h before the internal combustion engine is switched on with unusually asthmatic sound for Bentley.

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Dick the ship on a diet

Blessing is the most important virtue of the electrician at half-time. Because just with a mild Gasfuß car, it only drives electrically and limited to reach a range that is even halfway close to the standard – especially because the battery can not be recharged while driving. It is clear that Bentley can restore and turn the braking energy into electricity. But in order to turn the petrol engine a little bit more into the bunker, with a little currents, the British have been poisoning it. So drive slowly or take long breaks to charge a 13 kWh battery within 2.5 to 7.5 hours.

So you experience the full-throttle mark on the other side, it slows down as if it is itself noticeable that it shines slightly brighter with every mile below the power inside and feels a bit better. Not that even the most powerful version of a slightly smaller SUV, such as Mercedes GLC 63 AMG, would not be as economical and clean as the Bentay Hybrid. But that understanding can not take away the glow of green glory.

Additionally, you feel no later than the payoff when the battery is empty and drive alone with the power of the burner. It has 340 hp and 450 Nm of sufficient power, balancing the load for 5.5 seconds to 100 and generating a 254 km / h decisive mark over bourgeois relatives and ordinary competition. But neither the sound nor the sovereignty coming comes even closer to W12. Even if you connect both engines, do 449 hp with a combined torque of 700 Nm compared to 630 hp and 900 Nm without twelve cylinders. Therefore, it may feel calm as something better if selected for the benefit of the environment poorer on the paper engine.

A bit late launch of Bentayge 18 months after debuting at the Geneva Motor Show is just the first step for Britons on the electric avenues: by the end of 2023 they want to have a hybrid version in each series and by 2025 at the latest give a clean electric car. "We hope to do it before," says Adrian Hallmark, who knows about the urgency of electrification.

As the unusual experience of driving with Bentley – the town is tremendously slow and relaxed, and on the other hand it is unusually tense – it can be a so famous luxury boat for everyday life and adventure in all other disciplines: it remains in luxurious luxury, generous space and equipment that can not be beaten by high technology or production. And there are no extras such as the Night Vision system or the Breitling watch in the cockpit, from which sparkle half a dozen shine.

Yes, you need a little less if you only work with your toes, then you're actually a few miles down the road. With your neighbors you will be impressed with hybrid labels, and bad conscience will melt every time you connect Bentley to the charging station.

But the best argument for a reduced working time in smoking has nothing to do with driving, but only with the price: because with 165,000 euros, it is by far the cheapest Bentley, which exists on this side of the used car market.

Technical data:

Luxury SUV with five seats, length: 5.14 meters, width: 2.00 meters, height: 1.74 meters, wheelbase: 3.00 meters, volume of luggage: 431 liters


3.0 liter V6 petrol engine, 250 kW / 340 hp, maximum torque: 450 Nm, electric motor, 94 kW / 128 hp, maximum torque: 350 Nm, engine power 330 kW / 449 hp, maximum torque: 700 Nm, 0-100 km / h: 5.5 s, Vmax: 254 km / h, average fuel consumption: not determined, CO2 emission: not specified, emission standard: Euro 6 d temp, efficiency class: : 165,000 euros

Brief Description:

Why: Because conscience does not push so much

Why not, because six cylinders in Bentley do not work

What's more: a new Cayenne Turbo SE hybrid with V8 or just like before W12

When will come: Autumn 2019

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