Heart Death: How dangerous is a jump in cold water? 2

Heart Death: How dangerous is a jump in cold water?

After the sudden death of television star Lise Martinek () 47), the question of how dangerous it could be to jump into cold water. picture he talked to the cardiologist.

Lisa Martinek (suddenly) suddenly felt uneasy while swimming in the sea and immediately died. Cause of death: Sudden cardiac death.

Cardiologist Prof. Dietrich Andresen (a board member of the German Heart Foundation) agrees picture: "We are talking about sudden cardiac death. Our heart stops knocking from one to the other because it produces chaotic electrical impulses that cause flicker in the heart chambers.

Various, mostly unknown causes

According to Andresen, various causes are responsible for sudden heart failure. The cardiologist blames three triggers:

In the past, it was already a small heart attack because the blood vessel was closed.

Another cause of a specialist in the inflammation of the heart muscle, which developed in silence, without being the person being noticed.

And there is the possibility of a possible cardiac defect, which is also not known, so that the cardiologist is opposed picture.

After 10 minutes, the man is dead

The problem, says prof. Andresen: "Most people do not know you have a problem with your heart."

Heart rate death is very fast, says cardiologist picture: After a few seconds, it's black. Immediately after this, there is an unconsciousness. After two minutes breathing stops. After ten minutes, the man is dead.

The cardiologist advises picture in case of suspected heart failure "immediately start with heart massage and alert immediate help. Important: Continue to apply heart massage until the doctor arrives.