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Hypnosis works: Rostocker talks about his practice

"Darling subliminalWhen you're there, show me that, she says Ingo Schultz over and over until I snap my wrist. Whether conscious or unconscious: First my little finger ticks, then my thumb, and then my hand turns – just like Schultz from mine subliminal calls.

I want to find out what's behind hypnosis hiding. At the end of the three-hour session I have the idea: it's not magic, no wonder – it's the power of trust and suggestion. And that can work if you want.

When I was hypnosis Ingo Schultz Come in, I'm terrified. Numerous boxes are on the counter for your kitchen kitchens cigarettes and lighters. "These are the last woes of my clients." When you get to the session, they give up whatever they associate with smoking, "he says SchultzLike a trophy, the kitchenware is in the entrance. Is that part already hypnosis? Should this encourage the client?

The key moment: a broken arm

Ingo Schultz She is 44 and was born in Rostock. After training as a merchant, she starts working in the music store in Rostock. Here he comes in contact for the first time with his current department. My boss at that time was involved in the sales psychology. I also read a lot of things.

There was a key moment when the amateur guitarist unfortunately broke his hand: "I did not want a bad position so I can continue playing on the instrument later." After a short time, pull the wire again. "Doctors could not believe my motor skills were back so quickly." He realized: With the will is much possible, but there must be more.

So he gets deeper into the subject and gets educated: he is certified as a hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), a global hypnotizing network. He learns from the great representatives of the subject – "on." Richard Bandler. James Ramey, Dr. Norbert Preetz or also Dr. Edwin Yager"Says Schulz. Today, he even trains new hypnotists through NGH and works in Rostock Institute for Hypnosis and Various Practices.

Clients from all professional groups

Why are his clients coming? "Most people want to stop smoking, improve stress resistance, lose weight, or sleep better." Doctors, nurses, police, or teachers seeking help. "In groups of professions with many responsibilities it is." stress the most common theme. "

And I've been a smoker for 16 years. ten cigarettesthat I'm afraid during the day are routine. I get up in the morning, I'm drowning, my teeth flush, I feed, eat something, cook my coffee, and after the first siphon I turn one cigarette on. Schultz explains the dependence on the limbic system in the brain: it is controlled in such a way as to permanently check the environment and action. "There are hidden programs" such as the desire to preserve and the instinct of survival. It provides a subtle fear of something new. "

Trance: A condition of maximum relaxation

After the first moves cigarette you learn the system: "It does not kill me, it's okay." So positive affiliation with smoking is manifested, which makes sense to me. hypnosis change it? "Yes," he says Ingo Schultzbecause hypnosis Separate what you have learned and resolve it.

It compares the practice of reprogramming the hard disk. "When the body reaches the trans, it enters the state of maximum relaxation." Here the hypnotist gets access subliminal, Though it was meant for a smoker who would eventually keep fingers off, it's just one session, but preliminary talks are needed. Means: In the near future, it would not be possible to "program" my long-term smoking. But he wanted to show me the possibilities.

First impression

Let's go: I lie and I need to bend the elbow, hold the forearm in the air and let my wrist get loose. Schultz He put my arm in front of me and asked me to focus on the fixed point on his fingers. As his hand is approaching, he tells me what to do. "If I touch your forehead, I'm asleep." I follow and close my eyes.

From now on, only my own subliminal nice, friendly and meditatively quiet. He asks to feel the rustling of his hands or fingers and lick my hand at regular intervals. Many thoughts wander through my head, I try not to feel addressed. A small finger twitches, my thumb too. Now, my subliminal Take control and turn my hand towards your face. A little later, somewhat embarrassed, when I open my eyes, my hand shows in the desired direction. I'm not sure if my wish is to follow his remarks or mine subliminal has performed this service.

Quitting smoking and conclusion

I want to dive deeper and ask him without a prior talk with the impression of smoking cessation: Schultz you agree and bring me as soon as possible hypnosis, Several times I three times a lump on the body: face, hand and chest. He encourages me to introduce myself to her cigarette draw. I put a pencil in my mouth and mimic smoking. In imagination it is uncomfortable, the intake of the gas mixture acts as an inhaler of pollutants – and so does not feel otherwise. Repeats all three times. In the end I just remember fragments of executions.

After three hours of practice, I sit in car, stunned and tired. There's a box beside me cigarettes, I do not get in spiritual presence and put it on myself. No, I'm asking. And this happens more often in the next week. I realize that longing is often a product routine. I am stunned.

But there are wonders hypnosis is also not being carried out – the will is strong: because I do not really want to stop it. In the end, I guess what hypnosis he is capable. With a healthy dose of self-confidence and power suggestions, this "hard disk" practice can miss a new record. And that's more than I expected.

History of hypnosis

Today as hypnosis known practice was first recognized by science in 1770 as a magical-religious phenomenon. Viennese doctor Franz Anton Mesmer experimented with the magnet that he put on the patient. His work has made him popular, which is why hypnotism has long been known as "Mesmerizing". In the 19th century this term changed to "hypnotism". Siegmund Freud is 1885 Mesmer careful and tried in practice. This was the starting point of his study of hysteria. Significant development of subjects taught in the 20th century. Practices such as autogenic training or neuro-linguistic programming have emerged. Practice is criticized because of the intervention of the will on its own psyche. Whether people can lead to criminal acts by hypnosis can not be finally clarified.

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