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"I have no confidence now": Alexander Zverev is reacting to the withdrawal from Wimbledon

Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas were the biggest losers in the men's draw on Day 1 at Wimbledon and lost another difficult day for next-generation Grand Slam players against Jiri Vesely and Thomas Fabbian.

After Big Three won the last 10 shifts, they hoped the younger stars could influence the draw, but two of the biggest names dropped on the first day.

World No. 5 Zverev has twice reached the quarterfinals of the Main Team and his best sets of five tennis sets continued into four sets against Czech qualifier Jiri Vesely.

Zverev was frustrated with the outcome but pointed to lack of confidence as the main reason for the defeat.

"For me this was a typical grand slam game," Zverev said. "I started well, one or two things did not go in my direction and everything broke down."

"Yes, at this point I do not feel very confident, so when I get to important moments, on the fourth set I had five, six interruptions I could not stand, I had Love-40, and 15-40 Even the breakpoint and he it takes it immediately, where I miss simple sand.

"So, I did not lose this match in tennis, only my confidence is just below zero.

"I could win this match." I had enough opportunity. I had enough options. Yes, I have to win tennis games outside the Grand Slam so I can play well at the Grand Slam. I did not do enough in the last few months, so … I have to change it. "

Zverev insisted that problems in his game were not physically but mental.

"No, that's exactly what's happening to me." I'm physically good, he added, "I can play 10 sets, no problem, I'm not getting tired.

– Yes, mentally, I mean, I'm so fucked up. But, yes, I do not think that's any of these, because I mentally showed I was pretty strong in the last few years. These are the different things I'm currently thinking.

Life is also one thing. Everything that happens outside the court will affect you. In the last two days I would say, they are very rough to me personally. I will not go into details, but I just say. I have to fix it in order to play well in the field.

"I have a few months to go to the US Open." I'll find out. I've always said this year's US Open tournament that I think can make its breakthrough in Grand Slam.

Let's be realistic: grass is not my favorite area if you look into the past. Although I had a very good robe here, Wimbledon is always trying. Most of all, if I play in the first round against someone like Vesely, who does a very good job, I thought I was back very well today. "

Vesely has achieved some good field results in the past when he reached twice in the Wimbledon circuit and survived qualifying without a set of droppings.

Sixth Star Zverev broke out in front of 124 in the world, but dropped and dropped a bekhend to deny the understandably delighted Czech 6-4 3-6 2-6 5-7.

It was a great game, fantastic from start to finish, "Vesely told BBC after the game." All in all, I think I played an amazing game without a lot of mistakes.

"I played very well, I served well and tried to join the net. There was a little pressure on him, but he won the first set and then I started playing. I had nothing to lose.

After the second sentence he returned to pressure. I tried to force him and suddenly I got two sentences. I think I did good today. "

Soon Tsitsipas fell to the Italian world number 89 Fabbiano for five years.

The Greek rescued two games in the dramatic draw in the fourth set to force the decisive player, but the random net chain brought Fabbiana to the break, and the 20-year-old failed to recover.