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Infusion of vital substances: The main topic in the US now conquers Germany

07/03/2019. – 10:32

Vital Practice Dr. honey. Kopp

Infusion of vital substances: The main topic in the US now conquers Germany

Kleve (ots)

Dozens of studies have demonstrated the efficacy of high doses of nutritious cocktails that safely and sustainably regenerate cells in the body.

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna, Cindy Crawford – not just the stars and more and more Americans who are kangaroo, in this country the number of users is growing constantly: Vitalstoffinfusions support an immune system to fight exhaustion, restless sleep, permanent infections, skin changes, reduced concentration, weight gain and more. "The body is returning exactly what is needed for a sustainable filling station," explains Dr. honey. Andreas Kopp of Kleve, one of the leading experts in the field of vital medicine. "Efficiency has been scientifically proven and has a simple reason: Blood, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids are 100 percent effective."

For many years, vital drug therapy is gaining ever-increasing in Germany and, for example, in the Netherlands – while for many in the United States, just like going to a hairdressing salon or nail salon, the monthly nutritive cocktail has long become a routine, Comfortable users relax on comfortable armchairs or lounges, listen to music, or use the time for a small sleep.

"Depending on the type of infusion you will experience the result after the first application," Andreas Kopp promises. "Out of the blood precious active ingredients are transported to the body area where they are needed – revitalization sets their own." It does not meet the gastrointestinal tract: microelements in the form of capsules or tablets can absorb only one third of the body.

Building up medicines increases physical and mental performance

"Vitamins are not experiments, but have a long tradition and are subject to the most stringent scientific knowledge," says Dr. Kopp clearly. Bodybuilding improves physical and mental performance, increases concentration and memory capacity, body defense, and even libido. Treatment protects against angina, cardiac arrhythmia and cancer, increases energy metabolism and improves cardiac output and circulation.

The reasons why more and more patients are visiting vital practice in Kleve are different: "Many want more driving in everyday life and in order to avoid combustion, or want to strengthen their immune system or increase their condition," explains the vital medicine physician. "Our infusions can naturally support the baby, detoxify the body, slow down the aging process, and especially reduce the pain and irritability." The vital substance infusions also strongly support acute and chronic diseases.

For the treatment of infusions, it is imperative to consult an expert

Therefore, it is even more important to examine the present physical state of proven experts, such as a comprehensive blood test. Andreas Kopp points out: "The goal of every infusion treatment is to balance the existing nutrient deficiencies to fill the cells, and this treatment is considered an ideal complement to meaningful personal lifestyle adaptation – because prevention is better than postnatal therapy."

The specialist specializes in gynecological endocrinology and oncology, as well as anti-aging and preventive medicine. Especially on the topic of vital infusion of substances, ways of action and various treatments of Kopp on its website

About Vitalpraxisu Dr. honey. Kopp:

With its own counseling for vital substances medicine counts the vital practice of Dr. Kopp in Kleve pioneers in Germany as well as in the German-Dutch border area. The focus is on intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions that strengthen the immune system and general condition. In addition, the practice covers many other areas of medicine. Dr. honey. Andreas Kopp, supported by an interdisciplinary team of experts, is an expert in gynecology and obstetrics, drug therapy and natural remedies. Its main areas of activity are gynecological endocrinology and oncology, as well as anti-aging and preventive medicine.

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