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Self-Deterred Aging – a legal precautionary measure is important

07/04/2019. – 10:20

Alzheimer's Research Initiative e.V.

Dusseldorf (ots)

Self-Determined Aging: For this desire to become reality, it is important to have a wicked legal provision. After all, this question should not be postponed: Contrary to popular belief, even in the most difficult crisis situations, there is no legal right to represent spouses or adult relatives. This is indicated by the non-profit Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V. (AFI) in their free information sheets on "Legal Terms", which can be ordered at

There are various legal precautions to cover different areas of life. Apart from precaution, the order of care and life will also include the will to prevent disputes after their own death. The will and the power of attorney presuppose unlimited working ability during the preparation, at least the other two regulations must be able to give consent.

The "Legal Precaution" list of information can be ordered free of charge from the Alzheimer Research Initiative e.V., Kreuzstr. 34, 40210 Dusseldorf; Phone number 0211 – 86 20 66 15; Website:

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