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Storm of Love: Review of July 3, 2019

July 4, 2019

Robert (Lorenzo Patané) agrees to pairing therapy only under one condition: If it fails, Eva (Uta Kargel) must agree to a divorce. Alfons (Sepp Schauer) talks to Valentina (Paulina Hobratschk) in her conscience and makes it clear she should think about her own life despite the stressful crises of her parents. In order for Tina (Christin Balogh) to believe in her loyalty, Ragnar (Jeroen Engelsman) uses a white lie. When a couple celebrates Ragnar's success, the mood is not boring, because his departure to the Island is inevitable. Tina then makes a spontaneous decision. Denise (Helen Barke) continues to support Henry (Patrick Dollmann), can not stand Joshua (Julian Schneider). Dar Jessice (Isabell Ege) for Luna causes problems while Bela (Franz-Xaver Zeller) does not reveal something incredible.

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What is happening today with the storm of love? Our review shows it.
What is happening today in "The Storm of Love"? Our review shows it.

July 5, 2019

For Tina and Ragnar, the sky is actually a lot of violin, but then they are endangered: when Tina is listening to a conversation between Werner (Dirk Galuba) and Andrew (Joachim Lätsch). suspects that Ragnar was cheating on Solveig (Rilana Nitsch)? In the meantime, her lover is in great danger: he is unconscious in the dragon pit! Will he find him in time? Natascha (Melanie Wiegmann) is pleased that she has gained the role she had to gain weight. Michael (Erich Altenkopf) is not delighted, and Nataschin euphoria is soon decreasing, as the scenario does not meet her expectations. Does anyone accept the offer? Romy (Désirée von Delft) tells Paul (Sandro Kirtzel) what Bela has found on the watch. Shortly thereafter, Jessica comes up and wants her legacy. Hildegard (Antje Hagen) makes Alfonsa a very special gift.

July 8, 2019

Actually, Tina is not good at talking about Ragnar, because she is convinced she has lost her. When she suddenly disappears and does not go back overnight, she feels nauseous and seeks him. If only he knew he was in danger … The first healing therapy is not good for Eve and Robert: the couple is then very depressed. Denise, who had previously seen her father with a therapist, now has a serious suspicion.

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July 9, 2019

After getting engaged with Tina, Ragnar plans to have a double wedding with Henry and Denise, but women have no idea about it. How do you like the idea? Denise learns about Christoph (Dieter Bach) intrigues against Eve and Robert. When faced with her father, she requires loyalty – but it can not be easily stopped. Since the relationship between Paul and Jessica is so hardened, Romy talks to his lover of conscience. After that, it can be convinced and given Luni for a few hours to Jessica. Will he still sorry for that?

July 10, 2019

Decisive, Denise asks her father to get rid of Eve. But he does not want to get involved in it and put Henry under pressure: he wants to change. When he hears about it from Joshua, he simply can not believe it. When Paul learns that Jessica had a client while keeping children, he was angry and called Romy into a dispute with Jessica as a better mother for Luna. Jessica responds with a furious challenge. In order to fulfill his wish and marry at Bichlheim, Ragnar is involved.

July 11, 2019

When Jessica learns that Bela is in love with Romy, she enjoys the idea of ​​Annabelle (Jenny Löffler) about sabotaging Rom's relationship with Paul. Jessica wants to transform Bella to make it more appealing to Rome. After Eva became aware of how much Christoph had manipulated her, he lets her feel her disdain. At the same time he wants to get along with Robert. Meanwhile, Denise feels guilty of being betrayed by her father. He simply can not overcome this disappointment. Wedding Tine and Ragnar should be held in a few days, which complicates planning. Alfons wants to help Tini buy a wedding dress, but his idea does not suit everyone.

July 12, 2019

Robert is furious when he finds out about Christoph's intrigue and wants to start his opponent. Eve can barely prevent a certain argument from happening. Will the crisis of her marriage and Roberta continue to end well? Robert first sees his wife as a victim of Christophe. The fact that Christoph reacted so violently to his release, Denise puts it fairly well. He was drunk and grabbed her things at Annabelle's advice to leave Fürstenhof for the moment. Since art in Beli did nothing, it should now work on his character. This brings him to their limits.

July 15, 2019

Nils (Florian Stadler) and Desirée (Louisa von Spies) came to Tinino's wedding with Ragnar from Thailand. When everyone is happy, Desirée addresses a tough topic. Will Tina and Ragnar succeed in clarifying the misunderstandings between them or will they cancel the wedding? Meanwhile, Nils wants to turn to her favorite Desire, but she does not think marriage is necessary … Robert no longer believes in rescuing Eve's marriage. It does both very sad and Valentine is shaken – but she promises her stepmother that she will always be her mom. When Henry apologizes to Denise for co-operation with Christoph, she does not know what to do with them. Can Bela still stick Romy? She helps her with a wedding song for Tina and does not sound bad.

July 16, 2019

It came on the wedding day of Tina and Ragnar – but before they both give shelter, they still have to overcome some obstacles because they are pursuing bad luck. Tina was shocked by the wedding dress that Jessica gave her. In addition to naming the registry, Tina believes the wedding must be canceled. Natasha is troubled by the stage because she will sing at Tin's wedding. Bela no longer wants to be pushed by superficial Jessica and he asks her questions.

July 17, 2019

When Joshua discovers the lie of Annabelle, he has no doubt. Henry continues to fight for Denise and promises to enlighten the local council about his indirect manipulation of the election – though it would have serious consequences for him. Will Denise forgive him? The wedding of Tina and Ragnar is nothing in the way, and the two celebrate the glittering party. Desirée catches a wedding bouquet, but drops it immediately. When she talks about marriage really, Nils thinks she'll probably never marry. Still, he takes his heart and stops for Desiree's hand – will he accept the request?

July 19 2019

Joshua becomes increasingly aware that Annabelle is obviously playing the wrong game. Denise, on the other hand, falls back on her sister. Meanwhile, Henry tries to encourage Henry to leave Fürstenhof with Denise. When Valentina invites not only Robert, but Eve to the premiere of her play, her father is not thrilled with it. But it does not leave Valentine and her baby to sit. Will it still agree that Eve can come? Jessica is still trying to delight the Rom about Beli. The mysterious love brandy should set it up!

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