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These 5 yoga channels enrich your everyday life

Most yoga teachers have something in common: they have a large body, a positive charisma and something grounded – and that's exactly what we want! Since the yoga studio behind the corner is still too far in everyday life and often just want to go home after work, these yoga channels on YouTube are the perfect solution for all the yoga classes among you. Yoga is for everyone, especially for free!

# 1 Mady Morrison

The yoga teacher and the constant YouTube creator has been filling up their YouTube yoga channel for more than four years. From body exercise to anti-stress yoga and slow flow, there is something for every taste and level. Above all, different lengths of the video are actually not excused: Who is capable and has time, can work in a 60-minute law, which would rather classify into the category of mufs, and may even be with only 5 -minimal units to try. Madyine is especially recommended for morning and evening routines, which begin a day full of energy or supplement it in a balanced way. Mady Morrison is definitely one of the most popular German bloggers in the yogi, and it is no wonder: her natural and cheerful nature runs her videos very intelligently and quietly, leaving a sense of good feelings besides physical relaxation.

# 2 Sanja Elise

Get a YouTube channel with yoga videos and travel blogs, diet, and lifestyle in Sana Elise. Although the 22-year-old Australian has begun a bit of wandering with his videos in dream places, her soothing jog session can compensate for the longing for Australian beaches. In Sjani you can get a fairly intense program of the whole body, yoga for mental health or exercise during menstruation. Units last for between 10 and 45 minutes and can therefore be well integrated into everyday life. In addition, there are videos that guide you through meditation, which is very useful especially for beginners in this area. If you decide to try Yoga with Sana, you should be warned: This young woman is the content of a tight and well-rested body – or you can see it as a motivation or genital gambling.

# 3 Yoga and Adrien

YouTube channel Yoga with Adrien has more than five million subscribers, making it one of the most popular yoga channels. Yoga teacher Adriene Mishler for over six years has set up online yoga videos at regular intervals, and the choice is so great. The Texan offers yoga to his subscribers for any occasion, and this is not even underestimating. In addition to the general jogging sessions, there is an additional program for any job or time of day: for musicians, gardeners, runners, kids, during travel or in the office. Adrien is definitely one of the most authoritative sorts of yoga instructors: instead of the perfect yoga dress, she relies on the naturalness and desire to help her yoga stewards have a strong sense of self-esteem. With its pleasing and positive charisma and the bustle and bustle of yoga exercises, you should actually succeed.

# 4 Boho Nice

The name of this yoga channel is here: Yoga and Pilates teacher Juliana and her husband Mark have done their mission, and their videos not only provide yoga sessions in leisure, but also questions such as forgiveness, self-determination or acceptance. complains. The two of them represent a viable and positive life and provide almost every yoga program with their subscribers with some incentive. From a fairly large selection of anti-stress yoga, yoga yoga or even whole body Pilates is definitely something for you in Boho Beautiful. Videos are mostly shot in picturesque locations in Julian and Mark's Canada or in other beautiful locations around the world. So this channel on YouTube clearly bears the danger of traveling. So it's best to grab your carpet and make yoga outdoors in the summer.

# 5 Fightmaster Yoga

The message of Lesley Fightmaster yoga teacher that yoga can not only help healthier and healthier life, but also a generally more positive relationship to life. California has a great selection of yoga videos on its channel: through a jogging session to lose weight, detoxify or intensely expire Lesley leads in a very sympathetic way. recorded, so it's part of the Fightmaster team. Especially for newcomers in the law, there are many challenges for beginners, which typically last for 30 days. A refreshing change is: Lesley never deals with the trends of vegan food, life issues, or private things from everyday life, but simply by classical yoga, which should enrich the lives of their subscribers.

Because of different lengths and levels of weight there is really something for everyone who wants to integrate a bit more balance and body feelings into everyday life – but they do not want to go to a yoga studio. Even the shortest jogging session in the living room or on the balcony can do wonders.

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