These make-up tips for eyeglass holders are simply awful 2

These make-up tips for eyeglass holders are simply awful

These make-up tips for eyeglass holders are simply awful

TheAll eyeglass holders have difficulty with eye make-up. Because depending on whether it is short or long-lived, different or filigree glasses are applied. We find the best make-up tips for eyeglass holders.

Many spectacle holders have difficulty with make-up. Eyeglasses often emphasize dark shadows underneath their eyes, which means that each eyeglass holder should have a good corrector. And depending on whether you are short-sighted or distant, wear extravagant or discreet glasses: for all days, other tricks – which are, here we reveal – are worthwhile …

Tips for make-up for short-sighted spectacle holders

The short-range spectacle holders have a problem that their eyes look less optical due to the spectacles. That's why eye shadowing is best in this case because it reflects light and makes the eyes bigger. To open the eyes, the light tones are ideal, in addition, the eyebrow can be quietly extended through the crimping caps in the shorts. On the other hand, you need the darker coil on the bottom cover without the need for a lighter eye pencil.

Make-up tips for long-distance spectacle holders

The farsighted spectacle holders have to face the opposite – the lenses make the eyes behind them look much bigger than they really are. Here eye shadows help in dark, earthy tones. This has the effect of visually reducing the size of the eyes and thus opposing the unnatural increase of the lens. It is important that transitions from the eye shadows to the skin are smooth and soft. In addition, the eye shadow should only be applied to the fold of the lids.

Make-up tips for eye-catching spectacle models

If you wear a spectacular spectacle, you should be a bit cheaper with make-up and decide whether to focus on your eyes or lips – but under no circumstances should both games be emphasized. For glasses with a wide and dark frame, it is best to focus on emphasizing your lips and emphasizing your eyes with just a small mask. Otherwise, eye make-up will quickly overburden and give the wearer a somewhat sombre expression.

Make-up tips for filigree eyewear models

For glasses with filigree or frameless models, this can be a bit more eye make-up. They are even shaded in trendy light colors or eyeglasses eye shadows in combination with these models. Otherwise, the same rules of makeup apply as well as for short and long-haired.

Emphasize your eyebrows correctly

Also, the eyebrows must be excavated according to the model of the eyeglasses in shape. Applies to the following: For flat-faced glasses, the bow should be as accurate as possible for curved and rounded models, the shoulder should be as much as customized as a spectacle. On eyebrows, you should be sure the cut hair is clean.