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View in Switzerland: Wettingen shop offers textiles available in front of mobile …

The business sells textiles for mobile and wireless internet

At Wettingen, in Baden, a shop with a range of specialty goods is open on weekends. It offers textile, which protects the radiation from mobile phones and WLANs, for sale. According to the Aargauer Zeitung, according to the operator, it is the world's first trade of protective clothing against electromagnetic radiation. The range of so-called. "Wavesafe" textiles include, inter alia, all types of clothing and mesh mosquito netting, whose fabric is intertwined with thin metal constructions designed to achieve protective effect.

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Drug dealer in Wülflingen hides heroin in the curtain

Drug investigators found some strange drug that hid during a house search at a man suspected of drug smuggling. The suspect sank the pieces of drugs into his curtains. As the Winterthur city police reported, investigators were ordered to investigate suspected drug dealers early in July. In the apartment of a 61-year-old man in Wülflingen, 40 grams of heroin was provided, of which several grams came in the curtains.

The tanker is back on the wall near the Rhine near Basel

Fortunately, an empty tanker crashed into a wall on the river bank in Basel on the Rhine on Tuesday night after engine failure. According to the cantonal police, the main engine failed in the tanker, so the ship crashed its bow against the sea floor near Elsässerrheinweg. The team remained unharmed. With the aid of a firefighting unit, the ship could again agree to the moat on the side of Kleinbasler. During the recovery period, the affected part of the Rhine was closed for shipment.

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Many visitors to Lake Hallwil also leave lots of junk

After a huge swim in the swimmers of Lake Hallwil, the remaining mountains of junkies cause great anger. As the "Aargauer Zeitung" says, it seemed as though it had hit the bumper during hot days, as if it had hit the bomb: jammed bin, neighboring rubbish dumps and scattered wastes on meadows such as a one-time barbecue and cans. As a result, the requirements for the rapid introduction of the Waste Act, imposing a fine of up to 300 francs, are growing.